Astronaut Captures Image of Alien UFO Landing Pad in Nazca Lines from Space

Several conspiracy theorists believe that Nazca Lines are created by aliens who visited Earth from deep space.

It was in 1927 that Toribio Mejía Xesspe, a Peruvian archeologist, spotted strange drawings, now known as Nazca Lines in Peru. Further studies of these large geoglyphs revealed that they were created during 200 BC. Considering the age of these lines, several conspiracy theorists believe that ancient humans did not have that technology to build these structures, and they argue that aliens might have drawn these figures. Some experts believe that Nazca Lines are directly connected to astronomy.

An Alien UFO Landing Pad in Nazca Lines Site?

Now, Russian cosmonaut Ivan Vagner has shared a photo of Nazca Line taken from the International Space Station (ISS). He revealed that the images could make alien enthusiasts think there could be an alien UFO landing pad on this site.

An aerial view of the Whale Nazca Lines
An aerial view of the Whale Nazca Lines Reuters

"While flying over Peru, I managed to capture the Nazca Lines. The group of geoglyphs includes several thousand lines. These are trenches up to 135 cm wide. Ufologists love the theories saying that those pictures visible from space are meant to be used by aliens to land ships," wrote Vagner on Twitter.

Nazca Lines
Image shared by Ivan Vagner Twitter

Mysteries Surrounding Nazca Mummies

As mysteries regarding Nazca Lines spread to all nooks of the world, several archaeologists and scientists conducted various studies in this area, and it subsequently resulted in the discoveries of three-fingered mummies in a tomb near Nazca Lines. Later, a DNA test was conducted on these mummies by a team of Russian scientists, and it suggested that these mummified creatures could have an alien origin.

Conspiracy Theorists Allege Government Cover-up

As mysteries surrounding Nazca Lines continue, several conspiracy theorists believe that the Peruvian Government is involved in an intentional cover-up. Citing statements from various scientists including Dr Konstantin Korotkov, a professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at Saint-Petersburg Federal University, alien enthusiasts are urging authorities to study more on Nazca Lines and these bizarre mummies.