Drew McIntyre on defeating Beast Incarnate:Yeah beating Brock Lesnar is a huge deal

Drew McIntyre has now become the centre of attraction after defeating Brock Lesnar at the WrestleMania 36. His years of hard work paid off at the WWE's flagship held in April amid Coronavirus outbreak.

Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre. WWE

Beating the top face of the WWE is no less achievement and he too agrees. In an interview with Hindustan Times, McIntyre hailed the Beast Incarnate and said, "Yeah beating Brock Lesnar is a huge deal. There is no athlete in the world like Brock Lesnar. He is just a freak of nature and a former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion, just because he felt like trying UFC not because he did it for his whole life. That's how bad this guy is. If you beat Brock Lesnar then you are doing something right,"

The incredible part of the story, according to Drew McIntyre, is defeating Brock Lesnar in five minutes and owing him in the build-ups too. "That's something I'll never forget. Something that set the tone for my title reign. The fact that I beat Brock and Big Show back to back," The Chosen One added.

Drew McIntyre locked horns with The Conqueror at WrestleMania held at WWE Performance Center and won the WWE Championship. Meanwhile, the Scottish Psychopath is preparing for his next big match at the Money in the Bank.

He will be clashing with Seth Rollins at the pay-per-view event which was originally scheduled to held at the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. The venue is changed due to the Coronavirus outbreak at "Titan Towers" global headquarters building in Stamford, Connecticut.

It is interesting to note that his personality seems to be changing in the recent times as he interacts with fans and wrestlers often these days. "It's not a personality change, it is actually being myself. Like finally. Before I was just a big serious Scottish guy talking about eating carcasses. No human being talks that way. I was just a bad guy for good guys to wrestle. Eventually, I got the opportunity to be just myself, there was no particular moment when they said for me become face. I never started saving good people, I was just beating people up. I beat No Way Jose's conga line and people cheered it. It has been a pretty good journey with fans getting behind me," he added.

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