Big Show gets verbal commitment from Stone Cold to appear on his Netflix' show

Former WWE champion Steve Austin has acted in movies and appeared in television shows. Now, he has been offered to make an appearance on Netflix's The Big Show Show.

Steve Austin
Steve Austin. WWE

In an interview with Den of Geek, he claimed that people have shown interest to be part of his show as it has got a little bit of success.Big Show himself has revealed that he has a word from Steve Austin over making an appearance.

"When it's an unknown product, they're like, 'Ah.' But we'll see. I mean, I did Broken Skull Sessions with Stone Cold who hates scripted TV. It's just not his thing. But I got a verbal commitment that Stone Cold will show up here on the show. So Jason and I already have an idea for an episode with a Stone Cold and JJ, so we'll work on that. If we get a season two, we'll work on that," the website quotes him as saying.

In the first season, WWE stars like Mark Henry, Mick Foley and Rikishi had appeared.

The Giant had a word of appreciation for the World's Strongest Man. He says that Mark Henry is his close friend and it was delight to watch him. Not just him, he had good words about the other two stars as well.

The Big Show with Steve Austin
The Big Show with Steve Austin on Broken Skull Sessions. WWE Network

"And that was such a great episode too with Mick [Foley] and Rikishi and Mark, and those guys weren't working because a lot of the guys are working full time on the road. They're in Europe. They're in Spain. They were in South Africa. I mean, the guys were working. And the guys from my generation that weren't, they came on the show and they were all big guys, huge guys. They're all great dads. Mark's a great dad. Mick's a great dad. Rikishi's a great dad. So it really balanced that. And my cast and crew loved those three guys, loved them," the 48-year old concluded.

It may be recalled that Big Show had made his appearance on Steve Austin's show The Broken Skull Sessions aired on WWE Network on 23 February.

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