Dramatic Drone Footage Captures Moment Russian Tank Is Blown into Pieces by Ukrainian Forces [WATCH]

A lone Russian tank looks to erupt into flames after being hit by an anti-tank missile or colliding with a mine in the video.

A dramatic new video footage has emerged that shows a lone Russian tank being blown into pieces by Ukrainian forces as they continue to fight back the mighty Russians. The footage shared by Ukraine's Ministry of Defense shows the lone Russian tank being blown into pieces by a probable mine or anti-tank rocket.

The incident happened in the Luhansk earlier this week. The footage emerges as Russian forces continue to suffer heavy losses in the hands of the Ukrainian armed forces. Over a hundred Russian tanks have been destroyed or captured by the Ukrainian forces over the past three weeks since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Chilling Scene

On Tuesday, Ukraine's Ministry of Defense released the chilling video, which in apparently is a drone footage. A lone Russian tank looks to erupt into flames after being hit by an anti-tank missile or colliding with a mine in the video.

A message was also posted along with the video that read: "25th Separate Airborne Brigade Sicheslav Brigade 'game over", Russian invaders!

"The paratroopers continue to multiply the Moksha army to zero with accurate shots! We will win! Glory to Ukraine!"

Russian tank blown
Drone footage captures the moment a Russian tank was blown into pieces Twitter

Additionally, shocking photographs appeared to show the moment Ukrainian soldiers in the Luhansk region destroyed three Russian tanks. However, the ministry didn't any detail into how many Russian soldiers died in the strike that shows the tank completely torn into pieces.

Meanwhile, a graphic produced by the Ukrainian government shows the total number of Russian weapons destroyed in the first 20 days of the conflict.

Russia Continues to Suffer

The new video comes just days after new footage from defense drones revealed the Ukrainian army destroying multiple Russian armored vehicles and a command center as the war entered its 18th day. The first video, which was posted online early Sunday, purports to show rockets being fired at three armored vehicles in the beleaguered Ukrainian city of Mariupol in the country's south east.

The footages emerge as Russia continues to incur heavy losses in the hands of Ukrainian forces. Putin's decision to invade Ukraine has taken its toll on Russia's military, with Kremlin officials reportedly calling the February 24 assault as a "mistake."

According to defense analysts, Putin may only have ten days to win the war in Ukraine before his forces collapse. Russian pilots have been shot out of the sky, tanks have been ambushed, and soldiers have been shown on film sobbing after surrendering to the Ukrainians.

Moreover, Putin has now lost a total of 12 commanders in the Ukraine invasion after a Russian spy captain was killed during a "top-secret" operation this week. Ukraine claims to have killed over 13,500 Russian soldiers and damaged a huge amount of Russian weaponry.

Luhansk tanks
Three Russian tanks were obliterated in Luhansk by Ukrainian forces Twitter

The new footage comes as another round of bombing rocked Kyiv on Tuesday morning, when apartment blocks were set on fire by early-dawn bombings.

Also, on Tuesday, Kharkiv suffered another round of attack, with the city's mayor claiming that more than 600 structures have been destroyed there since Russia's invasion began.

However, bigger fears are now being anticipated. Lord West, the former chief of the Royal Navy, has warned that one "miscalculation" might launch a war in Europe, which may escalate into a global conflict including nuclear weapons.

Putin's invasion of Ukraine, according to ex-NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, might provoke a nuclear war if Russian soldiers enter NATO territory. Despite repeated requests from Ukraine's president, Western governments have been hesitant to impose a no-fly zone over the country, fearing that it would spark a larger conflict with Putin.