Doona! Spoilers: Suzy Spills About her Evolving Relationship with Yang Se Jong in New Netflix Drama

Doona! will greet K-drama fans on Friday (October 20). As the premiere of this romance drama is just around the corner, cast member Suzy has spilled some details about her evolving relationship with Yang Se Jong in the upcoming mini-series. According to her, she initially approaches him with a desire to know him and build a friendship with him.

Gradually, the former K-pop singer develops feelings for the university student. The actress said her character tests her feelings for him during their romantic relationship in the upcoming romance drama. The preview also shows the changing relationship between the onscreen couple. The warm-hearted nature of Won Jun pulls Doona towards him.

With just a couple of days left for the premiere of Doona!, Director Lee Jung Hyo also opened up about the relationship between Yang Se Jong and Suzy in this Netflix drama. He said the viewers can look forward to the transformation of Doona from a person who keeps a distance from the world to someone who develops an intimate connection with her neighbor.

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"Doona, who finds it challenging to express herself, and Won Jun, who finds it challenging to understand Doona. We depict the relationship between these two characters by following it from Won Jun's point of view. It will allow [viewers] to understand both Doona and Won Jun's perspectives," he explained.

Doona! Spoilers

Cast member Yang Se Jong shared details about his onscreen romance with Suzy in the upcoming Netflix drama. He said the university student becomes captivated by his neighbor and learns to embrace his naturally evolving feelings in the later part of the series.

"As Won Jun's relationship with Doona deepens in the later part of the series, he becomes more captivated by her and learns to embrace his naturally evolving emotions," the actor teased.

Doona is an upcoming romance drama starring Suzy and Yang Se Jong. Director Lee Jung Hyo of Crash Landing on You, Romance Is a Bonus Book, Life on Mars, and The Good Wife fame is directing Doona. The mini-series is based on a Webtoon, The Girl Downstairs. It will premiere on Netflix on Friday (October 20). People in Korea and abroad can watch the mini-series with subtitles on online streaming platforms. The drama will follow an ordinary university student named Won Jun, portrayed by Yang Se Jong, and feature his relationship with the former K-pop idol Doona.