Donald Trump's Loss Could Trigger Rise of Antichrist Kingdom, Conspiracy Theorist Says

Several conspiracy theorists strongly believe that Antichrist will be most probably an influential political leader.

Amid controversies regarding the results of the US presidential elections, conspiracy theorists have outlandishly started claiming that Donald Trump's loss in the contest could lead to the rise of Antichrist's Kingdom.

Joe Biden Aiming to Create a Cashless Society

According to a section of conspiracy theorists, Joe Biden's reign in the United States could result in a cashless society. These conspiracy theorists bizarrely argue that a cashless society could take the economy to a global structure.

President Donald Trump

Comparing Chinese social credit program, which conspiracy theorists call the 'symbol of the beast', conspiracy theorists claim that Joe Biden's rise to power will allow the system to prosper.

"Both China and the European Central Bank are on the road to building this future cashless world, which means the remainder of the world would have no choice but to follow suit as China and the European Union represent a huge part of the global economy. At the same time that the world is rapidly building the global digital economic system which will exist during the time of the Tribulation, there are other components of the future 'Mark of the Beast', a system under construction. That includes the 'Mark' itself which is still a mystery as to what exactly it will be," wrote conspiracy theory website Sign Post of the Times.

Antichrist's Kingdom Awaits

According to these conspiracy theorists, Donald Trump's reign in the last four years had negatively impacted the operation of elites and evil forces, and they are eagerly waiting for Biden to take command of the nation. They also alleged that the Antichrist will try to grab global political control to expand his clandestine clutches everywhere.

"Things are moving right along, and with American President-Elect, Joe Biden waiting in the wings, the global elite are eagerly anticipating having their man in the White House who will fast track all the globalist goals that have been on hold these last four years," added the website.

Who is Antichrist?

According to Christian religious books, Antichrist is often described as an evil entity who fights against the goodness of God. Even though conspiracy theorists strongly argue Antichrist's reference in the Book of Revelations, the term can be only found in the Johannine epistles.