This Man Locked Himself In His House For Four Years Citing Allergy to 5G Radiation

The man claims that he started suffering from this condition after getting poisoned from farm pesticides

A man from Rothwell has locked himself up in his house claiming that he is electrosensitive. The man named Bruno Berrick and his wife Lisa Chambers have painted their house in 5G protective paints. Even though this condition has been disputed by medics, Bruno claims that his condition is real.

Bruno Blocking Out Radio Waves

Bruno claimed that his house is capable to block radio waves, and it is helping him to stay healthy and alive without any complications. According to a report published in the Northamptonshire Telegraph, Bruno and his family have kept electricity usage to a minimum, and they used to turn lights off even in the evening.

electrosensitive man

The family has also refrained themselves from using television. Bruno is now planning to build a special shelter for him in the garden so that the family can have the heating on during the winter season.

Bruno's Condition Triggered Four Years Ago

Bruno claimed that he was a normal guy until 2016. Then, he started developing electrosensitivity, and said he started feeling a burning sensation in his head. But medical experts claim that electrosensitivity is nothing but an imagination that used to pop up in the minds of the people. However, Bruno assures that his condition is real, and he is facing many hardships due to electricity and radio waves including 5G.

"All these people are saying they're idiots and all that but I'm a normal lad. I was a builder - I'm not one of these to go off on one. I was just your normal everyday bloke, you know? I was a greyhound trainer - trained greyhounds for a living, I was working all day, I've got three little kids, I'm living proof of what it does to you. All these people on the TV and in the papers and saying they're just 5G idiots and all this but if you put me in front of somebody with a mobile phone or put electricity on, you see what happens to me," said Bruno.

Bruno also bizarrely claimed that he started suffering from this condition after he was poisoned by a pesticide while working on a farm. According to Bruno, the poisoning drastically reduced his immune system, and finally, he became intolerant to radiation.

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