Biden's Dark Winter Remark Has Connection With Satanic Number 666, Claims Conspiracy Theorist

Biddle claimed that the upcoming dark winter will be characterized by basic human rights violations that include travel restrictions

It was during the final leg of the presidential debate that Joe Biden lashed out at reigning President Donald Trump and stated that the United States is headed towards a dark winter. The presidential candidate also added that Americans are now learning to die with coronavirus. And now, a popular conspiracy theorist has bizarrely claimed that Biden's 'Dark Winter' remark has some inner meaning, which the general public is not aware of.

The significance of Dark Winter

In his post on Facebook, conspiracy theorist Scott L Biddle claimed that the term 'dark winter' was not coined by Biden, but by using that term, the candidate revealed something important. Biddle added that Dark Winter was actually a government bioterrorism exercise that was carried out 19 years ago.

Joe Biden 'White Power'
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"What is 'Dark Winter' and why should you care? Joe Biden did not coin the phrase, but he did reveal something very important, a clue - a secret. Dark Winter is a government Bioterrorism Exercise that was held at Andrews Air Force Base on June 22-23, 2001. Dark Winter discusses a smallpox pandemic that mirrors COVID-19," wrote Biddle.

Biddle also added that the dark winter will result in strict lockdown measures in the United States, where the citizens will face denial of their basic rights. Biddle claimed that during this period, a mass vaccination led by the US military will be carried out in the nation, and the country will also face strict travel restrictions in and out of the country.

A satanic connection

Analyzing the date of the dark winter program in 2001, Biddle claimed that there is something satanic with the current remarks made by Joe Biden.

"The 'Dark Winter' report release date plays an important factor and was chosen for a reason. 6/22/2001 is exactly 6766 days (and 966 weeks) from the date COV-19 was announced on 12/31/2019. A convenient 666 hidden in plain sight twice from those pulling the strings behind the scenes. Joe was right, we are about to enter a Dark Winter," added Biddle.

The Facebook post shared by Biddle has already gone viral, and his followers are lauding him for conducting a perfect autopsy of the words delivered by Biden.

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Posted by Scott L. Biddle on Wednesday, 28 October 2020