Donald Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle Moving to Florida As They Fear Being 'Tortured in NYC Streets'

Guilfoyle too was reportedly spotted touring houses alone in Jupiter, Florida, where Trump Jr's ex-wife, Vanessa, 43, also lives with their five children.

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Donald Trump Jr and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle are reportedly leaving New York and moving to Florida as they fear they could be "tortured in the streets" if they return to the city. The news follows reports of President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner making similar plans.

It seems the entire Trump family, whose name was once almost synonymous with the city, has finally come to believe that literally no one in New York wants them. The reports of Trump Jr planning to move out of the city come amid an increasing number of businesses canceling contracts with the Trump organization following the Capitol riots last week.

Goodbye New York


According to a report in New York Post, Trum Jr, 43, and Guilfoyle will be shifting to Jupiter, and not Palm Beach, where Ivanka and Kushner where purchased a $30-million plot of land on Miami's Indian Creek Island. The President, who was impeached for the second time on Wednesday, had already a place for himself in Palm Beach.

However, his son seems to be more inclined toward settling in Jupiter, a town located in Palm Beach County which boasts its very own Trump golf course. "They are looking at a very secure, guarded, protected community with like-minded conservatives. There's no way they will ever feel welcome in New York," a source told the New York Post, echoing the sentiment expressed towards Ivanka by her former socialite circle.

In fact, Guilfoyle too was reportedly spotted touring houses alone in Jupiter. Also according to a Page Six report, Tiffany Trump, 27, is also looking to move to Miami, Florida.

Kimberly Guilfoyle
Kimberly Guilfoyle speaking at the RNC Twitter

According to sources, Trump Jr and Guilfoyle's relationship had turned rocky for a while but they are back together and are planning to settle down somewhere away from New York where they no longer feel comfortable. "They are committed to each other," a source told the outlet, adding that they are looking for a turnkey home as they don't have the time to build a dream house from the ground up.

Why Florida?

There are multiple reasons for the Trumps, especially Trump Jr, to move to Florida. One of the major reasons behind their purchase, a source said, was that many of their well-heeled New York friends left the city because of the pandemic.

In fact, Ivanka's brother-in-law and Jared brother, Joshua Kushner and his model wife Karlie Kloss, who is expecting their first child, have also bought a home in Florida.

Kimberly Guilfoyle with the Trumps
Donald Trump Jr. (left), Donald Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle. Twitter / Kimberly Guilfoyle

Moreover, Jupiter looks like the ideal place for Trump Jr because it's where his ex-wife, Vanessa, 43, lives with their five children. Also, it's near a Trump branded golf course, Trump National Golf Club Jupiter. Another big plus is Florida has no state income tax, whereas New York's has one of the highest in the country.

That said, unlike his sister Trump Jr had been shuttling between Palm Beach, at his father's estate, New York City and upstate New York over the past four years. He never took a White House position so never moved to Washington DC like his sister.

However, he has been among the loudest voices when it comes to supporting his father with his claims of voter fraud. In fact, Less than two hours before the insurrection, Trump Jr spoke at a rally of his father's supporters. But he has perhaps, like his father, realized that the show is over and New York no more welcomes them.