Donald Trump Has Syphilis? Red 'Blister Like' Spots on Hand Sparks Speculation on Social Media

A few red spots on Donald Trump's skin triggered speculation about the former U.S. President's physical well-being. Numerous social media users asserted that it might be indicative of syphilis, a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that can cause serious health problems without treatment.

Donald Trump Hand
Unexplained red dots were spotted on Donald Trump's right hand. X

Viral Pictures Causes Speculation

The speculations started after the former U.S. President was photographed on Wednesday while leaving his Manhattan apartment with several red markings resembling blisters on his right hand. The image quickly gained traction on social media.

The red spots were noticeable in images of Trump's right index finger, thumb, and upper palm as he waved to cameras while leaving his Fifth Avenue residence for his recent trial. However, they had vanished from photos and videos of him gesturing at a campaign rally in New Hampshire a few hours later.

Addressing the matter, Jimmy Kimmel remarked on Thursday that Donald Trump had become the focal point of " a viral moment that was embarrassing even for him."

According to the Daily Beast, Kimmel discussed Trump's previous statement in which the former U.S. President claimed that avoiding sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the past was his "personal Vietnam." The talk show host quipped, "But if he has syphilis, that would mean the only Vietnam he avoided was Vietnam."

Social Media Reacts

Meanwhile social media was flooded with reactions to Trump's red spots. #SyphilisDon was one of the top trending topics on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"If those hand lesions were to be caused by an advanced stage of syphillis, that is alarming both for Trump and the Country. The physical and mental deterioration is devastating and progressive," wrote an X user.

"Did Alina give Trump hand syphillis? You gotta be careful who you fingerbang these days. Sad," wrote another user.

"People noticed when Trump was in Iowa that there was something wrong with his right foot when he was walking. Foot drop can be a symptom of untreated syphilis. So this along with the sores on his hand are 2 possible symptoms of syphillis," read another post.

"Because of the United States' obsession with Trump, I now know of the existence of hand syphillis. I could have happy gone my entire life without that knowledge," opined a user.