Human-Extraterrestrial Interaction: Alien Civilizations Calculator Fame Talks About Possibility

Steven Wooding revealed that the capability of space travel is not confined to humans, and advanced aliens could do the same too

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It was around a few days back that a study conducted by researchers at the University of Nottingham suggested the possibility of 36 alien civilizations within the Milky Way. Inspired by these results, UK-based physicist Steven Wooding and Dominik Czernia, a PhD candidate in molecular physics from Poland's Institute of Nuclear Physics, have created an online alien civilization calculator, based on Drake's equation.

How Many Alien Civilizations Are Living in Deep Space?

According to Steven Wooding, there could be at least two trillion galaxies in the universe, and this number is much higher than previously thought. If there is at least one alien civilization in one galaxy, there could be two trillion extraterrestrial life forms in the universe.

Did Humans and Extraterrestrials Interact With Each Other?

In a recent statement sent to the International Business Times Singapore edition, Steven Wooding suggested that aliens might have once visited Earth. Even though there are no proofs to substantiate it, Wooding claimed that the capability of space travel is not confined just to humans.

"When we first reached the Moon, and then Mars, it becomes clear that space travel is indeed possible for humans. Moreover, if we can leave Earth, what keeps more advanced aliens from visiting us, earthlings? Some people believe they have already been here and helped us built spectacular constructions that might be too large, too heavy, or too complex to be the work of the human hand," Wooding said in the statement.

Wooding added that if these works are not related to extraterrestrials, then it could be the result of hard work from a thousand human hands.

"You probably recognize the most famous Egyptian pyramids at Giza, or the Great Sphinx. These are counted among the largest structures ever built on the Earth. Another example is large and mysterious stone statues (moai) on Easter Island. How the hell they ended up there? Nearly 900 human figures are 13 feet (4 meters) tall, and ... truth is we don't have any evidence for human-extraterrestrial interactions. Scientists exactly don't know how these structures were built, but they are sure it was a work of thousands of human hands," concluded Wooding.

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