Disturbing death of a 9-year-old child unravels a pedophile's obsession

A toxicology report showed that the victim was given high amounts of chloroform, which caused her death.

The Grand Junction Police Department, Colorado, released disturbing details about a 9-year-old's death in her home on Thursday. The foul play in the child's death came to light after a makeshift tent was discovered following an investigation around the house. A toxicology report showed that she was given high amounts of chloroform which the Mesa County Coroner ruled as the reason for her death, making it a homicide.

The affidavit detailed on the murder of the young child by the pedophile who was with the children on November 8. The fatal overdose of the chloroform and the enforcement officials finding a 100 millimeter bottle of the substance and a rag near the tent led to 34-year-old Jeff Beagley's arrest for the homicide.

Mesa County, Grand Junction, Colorado
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Beagley's scream woke up the mother

On November 9 the accused pedophile called the police reporting that he found a child who was unresponsive. The first officers to respond to the incident found the child without a pulse. In the affidavit the victim's mother said that she returned from work the previous night and found the accused asleep with the victim and her sister. In accordance with the Colorado Open Records Act the victim's family isn't identified in the affidavit. The mother woke up to Beagley's scream and started CPR at the dispatcher's instruction.

The officers noted that the house was in a disarray with old food in the kitchen and writings on the wall. The follow up investigation noted a small shed in the back of the property which had a makeshift tent inside it. According to the affidavit the makeshift tent was made out of tarp, blankets and pillows. Inside the tent there was a computer monitor, space heaters, a laptop and a video camera. Later a bottle of chloroform along with a rag was found from the nearby region.

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Child pornography and blood found in the tent

The police say that Chloroform is usually used as a drug to knock out a victim before carrying out a sexual assault.Further investigation found a thumb drive with sexual content. It contained around 1,120 pictures and 73 videos. Police believe that the content from the thumb drive was obtained from the internet. There were two images which were edited to have the accused's face in it. Beagley had initially denied having known anything regarding the contents of the drive.

The accused said that there was no access to the computer which was later proven wrong by the forensic analyst. The affidavit said that he had denied any sexual activity happening in the tent. In an interview he told the police that he had obtained information about chloroform being good for hemp production from a person he met at the bar. The Mesa County Detention Facility is holding the accused, Beagley without a bond till the court hearing which is set on December 31.