Indian necrophile on stimulants kills woman and rapes her body; then rapes 10-yr-old daughter

The dastardly crime took place in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

An impossibly deviant necrophile was arrested in India after he murdered a couple and raped the dead woman. The culprit then raped the couple's 10-year old daughter as well. The dastardly crime was committed by a man named Nasirudhin, who hails from the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

The 38-year-old culprit murdered the sleeping couple and their infant son. He then raped the young girl, who was also seriously injured in the attack. The police found out that Nasurudhin had committed similar crimes in different states including the country's capital New Delhi. He confessed to the perversive crimes when questioned.

Rape victim
Picture for representation Pixabay

While confessing to the crimes the culprit detailed the events. He murdered the couple and their 4-month-old child before having sex with the wife's body. The family was attacked while they were sleeping. He then raped the 10-year-old daughter and attacked her 4-year-old brother.

The rapist took stimulants

The man admitted to the police that he took stimulating drugs and carried protection with him for perpetrating the crimes. The murderer also carried a knife and a stone to kill his victims. According to the Superintendent of Police Triveni Singh, the man had made videos of the act which he later showed his horrified sister-in-law.

The police found the bodies without any clothes. The arrest was conducted based on circumstantial evidence that was presented. Once arrested, Nasurudhin confessed to his crimes.