Did you know battle tanks can be used to dump household garbage? Watch THIS bizarre video from Australia

A bizarre video from Australia shows a man using a battle tank to dump his household garbage during the coronavirus lockdown

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, many countries have imposed a mandatory shutdown in order to curb the spread of the virus, which has already claimed the lives of 165,093 people globally. Being forced to stay indoors, people are trying to be as innovative as possible to keep themselves engaged the whole day.

From sharing wine with neighbours to playing games through windows and coming up with fun online challenges, many interesting ideas galore online. Meanwhile, some bizarre videos have also started doing the rounds on social media due to the lockdown in countries.

War tank instead of a garbage truck

Many of us have seen trucks picking garbage, but a bizarre sight from Australia shows a man using a war tank to dump his household garbage during the lockdown. Yes, you read it right! The same huge armoured fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat during wars.

A person uses war tank to dump garbage in Australia during lockdown
A person uses war tank to dump garbage in Australia during lockdown. Nicole Wright/Facebook

The 17-year-old boy, seen in the recent video, has even adhered to the strict social distancing policy and was also spotted wearing protective helmets normally worn during wars with a long military green coat and shoes. He is seen placing two trash cans at the roadside in the Victoria province of Australia.

The video was initially shared by a user known as Nicole Wright with the caption, "Bin day by an excited 17yr old and a WW2 vehicle. Baranduda Victoria Australia" on a Facebook group named Bin Isolation Outing. It is a group through which people are sharing hilarious videos of them dressing up and taking out their trash bins as that's the only occasion they are allowed to leave the house due to quarantine period.

The one-minute-50-second clip has been reposted by ABC News on their social media accounts with the caption: "World War II enthusiasts sought to adhere to social isolation guidelines in Australia while taking out the trash, so they brought out an armored vehicle of the era for a little extra protection (sic)."

Watch the viral video here:

Coronavirus in Australia

As of Monday, 20 April 2020, as many as 71 people have died due to the novel COVID-19 in Australia. While 2,311 active cases are currently been reported, it is one of the countries that is dealing with the spread of the virus in an efficient manner with nearly 4,230 people recovering so far.

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