'Work from Home' is an old story, 'Weddings from Home' becomes the new trend amid Coronavirus

With the 'Weddings From Home' initiative, the entire wedding customs and rituals will be conducted through video conferencing

Due to the uncontrollable spread of Coronavirus all over the world, many countries have imposed mandatory lockdown forcing companies to allow employees to work from home (WFH). It has also forced many to postpone the most awaited events and functions, including marriages.

While many conduct the ceremonies in the presence of just close family members wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, despite the shutdown, some have come up with interesting solutions to start the beginning of their new life in a unique way.

Online wedding has started becoming a trend

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We have often heard that marriages are made in heaven, of course by spending quite a lot of money. Now, due to the lockdown, the online wedding concept has started becoming a trend among the people though the couples cannot have their dream destination wedding. Thus, WFH has now got a new acronym, it is no more just Work From Home, but 'Weddings From Home' as well.

Popular Indian matrimonial website Shaadi.com has started the initiative conducting the entire wedding customs and rituals through video conferencing while the couple, close family members and friends can stay safe at their home. Meanwhile, the marriage officiant will officiate the ceremonies virtually at his own place.

What about other guests? They can also be part of the nuptial ceremonies via video calls and shower blessings on the newly married couple. And how about the mandatory food after the wedding function? All the guests will get sweets and food post-wedding, of course, with the online food delivery system. So far, Shaadi.com has conducted two such online weddings and is now all set for their third unique marriage function on Sunday, April 19.

Recently, the United Arab Emirates had also launched a similar online marriage service allowing couples to get married amid the Coronavirus restrictions. Once the paper works are submitted and approved, the citizens and residents of the country can set a date for the ceremony which will be conducted via video link with a cleric. The couple will receive the marriage certificate via text message.

Will online weddings become a trend in future?

Shaadi.com has started the initiative 'Weddings From Home' amid the Coronavirus lockdown
Shaadi.com has started the initiative 'Weddings From Home' amid the Coronavirus lockdown. Shaadi.com/Instagram

From adjusting with whatever we have to keep ourselves engaged at home itself without being social, the Coronavirus lockdown has already taught us many things.

Weddings are always a costly affair and this new concept of online marriage is, of course, economical, as people don't have to spend a lot of money on costumes, make-up, food, drinks, decorations and days-long events. Therefore, online nuptials can become a trend in the future for at least some people although the couple will have to miss those usual fun moments when the whole family and friends are coming together to celebrate their association.

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