Dalgona Peg is now trending after Dalgona Coffee; here is how to make it [PHOTOS+VIDEO]

Dalgona Peg is made using just two ingredients - water and whisky

Since most of the countries have imposed a mandatory lockdown amid the Coronavirus outbreak, people are finding it really difficult to keep themselves engaged while being stuck at home itself. However, the strict quarantine period has forced many to come forward with innovative ideas and experiments, due to which some challenges are trending online.

Recently, the Dalgona Coffee challenge had gone viral on social media with people all over the globe trying to prepare the fluffy and creamy coffee made using four ingredients. Now, the latest social media obsession is on making Dalgona Peg with whiskey replacing the coffee. Many netizens have been sharing pictures and videos of them trying to make Dalgona Peg on Twitter and Facebook.

How to make Dalgona Peg?

After Dalgona Coffee, people are now obsessed with Dalgona Peg challenge on social media.
After Dalgona Coffee, people are now obsessed with Dalgona Peg challenge on social media. irajeshsir/ Sagar Kapoor/Twitter

Dalgona Peg can be made using just two ingredients - water and whiskey and follow four simple steps. First, fill half of the glass with water. Now, cover the mouth of the glass with a clean cloth or handkerchief with the fabric's centre touching the water. Now, slowly pour whiskey into it. Then, slowly remove the cloth. The two-layered Dalgona Peg is ready.

Watch the video here:

Check out how some netizens made Dalgona Peg:

WHO's instruction on alcohol consumption

The deadly Coronavirus has claimed the lives of 119,719 people globally. As of now, there is almost 1,353,825 number of active COVID-19 cases reported from all over the world.

While many health experts have recommended on washing the hands frequently for at least 20 seconds using soap and water or any alcohol-based sanitizer, there were misleading claims on alcohol consumption as an effective method to kill the Coronavirus. After this claim went viral, there were reports on the death of over 600 Iranians, who apparently consumed alcohol believing it will cure COVID-19 infection. However, the World Health Organisation has come forward to refute this claim.

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