Did Trump Consider Himself Superhero 'Thor'? Internet Trolls President After Thor Hammer Leaves WH

A 'Thor' hammer bearing US President Donald Trump's name has sparked an interest among social media users. The hammer, a replica of weapon used by Marvel's superhero Thor, was spotted leaving the White House as preparations get underway to wrap up Trump's four-year term.

With just a few days left for the newly elected Biden administration to take over the reins of the White House, Trump staffers have already started the process of clearing out the premises.

Thor hammer trump
A person leaving White House with replica of Thor's hammer. Reuters/ Twitter

Is Trump a Thor Fan?

Trump's Thor hammer shot into limelight after a man was spotted leaving White House with a 'Thor' hammer with the word Trump sprawled across it. Sharing the image on Twitter, Reuters wrote: "A person with the National Archives and Records Administration carries a large hammer engraved with the word 'Trump' at the White House in Washington, January 15, 2021."

Even though the origin of the hammer and its destination are still unclear, it sparked a series of reactions from Twitter users. "Thor Hammer with Trump's Name Spotted in White House Move Out: Donald Trump is no Theodore Roosevelt ... instead of carrying a big stick, Trump wields the hammer of Thor!!! Who knew? Check out what was just carried out of the White House," tweeted a user.

"Pretty sure that a bad copy of thor's hammer with the word Trump on it, has no value, but that's the department that would handle such things," wrote another.

"Picture of Thor's Hammer with Trump's name on it leaving White House. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Thor's Hammer a racist symbol?" opined a user.

Images of Items Being Removed from WH Go Viral

Recently a lot of staffers working in the Trump administration were seen removing their favorite pieces of artefacts, including certificates, photographs and souvenirs, as they cleared out their offices for the incoming administration.

lincoln bust
Twitter Grab

Trade adviser Peter Navarro was also spotted removing a photograph of President Trump's summit with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Debbie Meadows, wife of the chief of staff Mark Meadows, was also caught sneaking a stuffed pheasant as her husband's desk was cleared.

However, what caught the internet's fancy was the removal of a bronze bust of former US President Abraham Lincoln. As removal of former President's bust caused frenzy, Independent reported that the statue will be returned to a museum, as incoming officials generally choose their own items from among national artefacts to decorate the White House during their term.