Where is Tim Gionet? Death Rumors Surface After 'White Supremacist' Baked Alaska Skips Court Hearing

Rumors about the death of Tim Gionet aka 'Baked Alaska' surfaced on social media even as an arrest warrant was issued in his name for skipping a court hearing. Gionet had violated the conditions of his release in a separate case, by leaving the state last week to participate in the Capitol riots. Gionet had live-streamed his participation in the Capitol insurrection on January 6.

Gionet was arrested after he used a pepper spray on a bouncer who forcibly removed him from a restaurant in Arizona in December last year. He was charged with assault, disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. He was released and ordered to remain in Arizona.

Tim Gionet aka ‘Baked Alaska’
Tim Gionet aka ‘Baked Alaska’ during the livestream of Capitol attack on January 6th. Twitter

'Let's Call Trump', Gionet Was Shouting During Livestream

Gionet shot back into limelight after he not only participated but also posted videos during the Capitol siege. He live-streamed about 20 minutes of footage inside the Capitol building even as on the blockchain service DLive, which was watched by 16,000 people, reported the Insider.

A little later into the livestream, Gionet suggested that he would sleep inside a lawmakers' office and also use the desk phone to call President Donald Trump. "Let's call Trump! Let's call Trump!" he can be heard saying in the video.

The Newsweek reported that Scottsdale judge issued an arrest warrant for Gionet, after he failed to show up at a Thursday hearing in connection with a separate incident.

In a petition filed on Friday, Scottsdale Assistant City Prosecutor Joshua Austin said that Gionet violated his release conditions by leaving the state "without written permission from the Court" and for "failing to remain law abiding." In the filing, Austin asked the court to issue a summons ordering Gionet to appear in court.

Rumors of Gionet's Death Go Viral

Branded a white supremacist by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Gionet faced a ban on multiple social media platforms including YouTube and Twitter. Despite the reports of Gionet's death being unproven, it went viral on the social media platform.

The rumors were further fueled after The Arts of Entertainment published an obituary for Gionet on their website. "Tim Gionet Death- Obituary: Baked Alaska has left friends, family and loved ones heart-broken as the news surrounding the death of Baked Alaska was announced," the website stated.

"Baked Alaska is indeed dead, don't bother looking for him anymore. He's dead, gone, no longer with us. He is GONE," tweeted a user.

"Anyone counter signaling the Death of Baked Alaska is so sick. Think of his family grieving rn, think of SAMMY you jerks. How do you think she feels about you guys making jokes about Baked being alive now when hes obviously DEAD. Woozuh and Puma should be ashamed of themselves," wrote another.