Did Rapper Gangsta Boo Die of Drug Overdose? Speculations on Social Media After Her Dead Body Was Found Lying on Porch

Hours after Rapper Gangsta Boo's brother was hospitalised for drug overdose, the Memphis rapper was found dead at her home on Sunday. The 43-year-old was attending a concert with her brother, the night before her death.

Gangsta Boo
Gangsta Boo Twitter

Boo Welcomed New Year in Last Instagram Post

Boo, who real name was Lola Mitchell, was a member of Three 6 Mafia. She was found dead at 4.00 pm at her residence. Confirming the reports of her death, founder of Three 6 Mafia and Boo's former labelmate DJ Paul posted her picture on his Instagram handle as part of a tribute.

The Sun reported that earlier Boo's brother was hospitalised for drug overdose. The last video posted on her Instagram, was captioned, "Some of the things that I did in 2022! So fun and productive, climbed out my shell alot!! 2023 go be 23'n!"

The cause of her death was not reported. However TMZ reported that sources close to the rapper told the outlet that the death could be drug related. "People familiar with Gangsta Boo's death scene insist narcotics were found on her person and that a fentanyl-laced substance is believed to be at play," the outlet reported.

Social Media Mourns Death of the Rapper

The report of the rapper's death led to many user offering their condolences. However, there were few who questioned the manner in which her body was found on the porch.

"Let Us Have A Moment Of Silence It Is True. The Video Has Been Shown All Over The Internet Of The Young Lady Known As Gangsta boo. On Her Front Porch Dead. Early Reports Said An Over Dose. We Hope They Wrong, but She Has Passed. Hell Of A Verse Spittah From Memphis," wrote a user.

"It's too early to speak on Gangsta Boo situation , but who tf left her on the porch bruh? Wtf , I refuse to believe it was an overdose she looked real healthy just recent , that's fucked up man just like doods let Big Scarr die in front em," read another tweet.

"How they just find Gangsta Boo dead on her porch ??? Like wtf happen ?! Nobody saying what happened," wrote a user.