Did 'Patriot' Mel Gibson Salute Donald Trump? Fuming Netizens Say It Was a 'Nazi Salute'

Oscar-winning filmmaker Mel Gibson faced criticism after he was caught saluting former US President Donald Trump during an event held in Las Vegas. Several netizens also believed that Gibson's gesture bore startling resemblance to the Nazi salute.

Trump was attending the UFC 264 fight between between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirer over the weekend.

Mel Gibson
Hollywood actor Mel Gibson caught saluting the former US President Donald Trump. Twitter

Gibson Offers Salute to Trump While Jostling the Crowd

The clip of the incident has gone viral on the social media generating views in millions. The video shows Trump, flanked by bodyguards, walking past the crowd during the event. Gibson, who is seen standing in the crowd, suddenly throws a salute towards the former President. However, it is not clear if Trump is aware of Gibson's act as the clip ends soon after.

Sharing the clip a Twitter user wrote, "Yoooooo!!! Is that Mel Gibson saluting President Trump? Soon the internet sleuths jumped to action to uncover the mysterious man resembling Gibson. The users also compared the outfit worn by Gibson and the man seen saluting Trump.

Since the video first started circulating, users have tried to connect the dots as to if it was actually Gibson who put his hand on his forehead as the former commander-in-chief walked by. And after some analysis—basically comparing his outfit in the video to the one that he was spotted walking out of the venue in—they've landed on the fact that it seems to be Mel in the clip.

Gibson's Salute Draws Mixed Reactions

The Lethal Weapon actor drew varied reactions from the users, many of whom criticized his actions. "Mel Gibson, who has pretended to be soldiers, saluting Donald Trump, who has pretended to be President, makes a certain kind of sense. (Gibson was more convincing than Trump, but that's an argument for another day)" wrote a Twitter user.

"Mel Gibson's dishonorable salute just got him demoted to the D-List with Qevin Sorbo, Scott Baio, and Dean Cain," commented another.

There were others who thought that Gibson had offered a Nazi salute to Trump. "Did anyone else think Mel Gibson really wanted to do a Nazi salute to Trump? Was it just me?" wrote a user as another added, "Is it his Nazi salute? Remember Gibson is racist, sexist and an anti-semite. So phuck Mel Gibson. I haven't watched a movie he's in since he went on his drunken rant and called a cop "sugar tits."

"When Mel Gibson gives TFG a full Nazi Salute, you realize he's always been exactly who he will always be," added another.

"When Mel Gibson saluted Trump It was the Nazi salute correct? Because anything else would make zero sense," read another tweet.

"I haven't been a fan of Mel Gibson since the revelation about him making anti Semitic statements. So his salute to the mango Mussolini makes sense," opined one.