Did Lauren Boebert Help Rioters? GOP Rep Accused of Live-Tweeting Nancy Pelosi's Location

A tweet from Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), a newly elected Congresswoman from Colorado, has sparked theories of her aiding the rioters by live-tweeting the location of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the Capitol insurrection. It was Boebart's third day in Congress on the day Capitol was laid to siege by violent Trump supporters.

The fatal protest started soon after Vice President Mike Pence told the lawmakers that he will not block the congressional certification of Joe Biden's victory. Quashing hopes of Trump and his supporters Pence, at the beginning of the joint session, had said that he did not believe he has the "unilateral authority to decide which electoral votes should be counted."

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO),
Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) Twitter

Boebart Tweeted About Pelosi's Removal from Chambers

In the controversial tweet shared soon after the rioters broke into Capitol, Boebert wrote: "The Speaker has been removed from the chambers." In another tweet earlier, the Congresswomen wrote a cryptic message saying, " Today is 1776."

Prior to the attack, Boebert had told Pelosi that she has 'constituents outside this building right now,' while objecting to the certification of the 2020 Presidential election results in key battleground states, reported KRDO.

"Madame Speaker, I have constituents outside this building right now and I promised to be their voice. It is my separate but equal obligation to weigh in on this election and object," Boebert is heard saying in the viral video.

The outlet further reported that local lawmakers and several organizations not only blamed Boebart for the attack but also demanded her resignation. "Lauren Boebert has betrayed the American people and is a conspirator in the insurrection that occurred at Capitol Hill on January 6th. As the citizens she represents in Congress, we cannot recall her and we cannot impeach her, but we do not accept that she is fit to represent the people of Colorado District 3 in Congress," said Rural Colorado United said in a press release.

Social Media Questions Boebert's Role in Capitol Attack

Boebert, who had released a video claiming her right to carry a Glock on the grounds of Capitol and streets of Washington, was questioned about the timing and reason behind her tweet.

"@FBIWFO please arrest @laurenboabert for aiding and abetting those who were hunting down @SpeakerPelosi on Jan, 6th by tweeting the Speaker's whereabouts," tweeted a person adding, "She's 5ft tall, 100 pounds and carries a Glock (and won't stop telling everyone)."

"Dear @FBI You asked for help tracking down the terrorists who attempted to overthrow the govt. I give you Congresswoman @laurenboebert who actually live-tweeted @SpeakerPelosi's location to the rioters," tweeted another user.

"Why was this Republican member of Congress, Lauren Boebert, live tweeting the location of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the midst of the deadly coup attempt on the Capitol?" tweeted Keith Boykin.

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