Did Eric McClure Die Due to Complications Following Car Crashes? Speculations Over Cause of Death

Former NASCAR driver Eric McClure passed away on Sunday leaving many fans heartbroken. Even though the McClure family avoided revealing the cause of his death, there were several speculations about the same on social media.

The 42-year-old race car driver mainly participated in the Xfinity Series, with his last race being in 2016. In his 14-season career he made 288 starts.

Eric McClure
Eric McClure Twitter

Family, NASCAR Issue Statements

In a statement issued to the public, McClure's family wrote: "The family of Eric Wayne McClure, former NASCAR driver, announces with great sorrow his passing on Sunday. They would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support during this very difficult time."

NASCAR also released a statement on his death, saying, "We are saddened to learn of the passing of former driver and [team] owner Eric McClure. Nascar extends its deepest condolences to Eric's family and friends."

McClure, who has over 21K followers on twitter, spoke about his fiancée Keira Brinegar Tibbss in his last tweet.

"Trying to send @keiralynn87 something on chatfacesnap thing. I think I#sent 5 messages as replies but didn't disappear so idk if worked She's doing a makeup session for client & I'm trying to wish good luck. @kelsey_schauf tried get me to do this in 2015 but I'd not even used IG," he wrote in the tweet.

"Eric, I will love you until my last breath.... please wait for me until then. I love you more," Tibbss wrote on her social media page.

Social Media Mourns McClure's Death

McClure, who was diagnosed with acute renal failure in 2013 following which he had to forgo his career due to health issues, was also treated for kidney failure in both kidneys in 2019. During his career he had two major concussions, leaving him with long-term side effects.

Speaking to Bristol Herald Courier, McClure had revealed that he had been diagnosed with a severe musculoskeletal disorder. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention describes the disorders as " injuries or disorders of the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilage, and spinal discs."

"A doctor told me that I had rhabdomyolysis. That put me on compartment syndrome and full kidney failure," McClure said in the 2019 interview with the outlet. Admitting that he had to undergo series of dialysis and multiple surgeries to save his limbs, McClure said that despite showing signs of improvement he still experienced some numbness in his extremities.

"I always thought that Eric McClure was fine after that Talladega crash as a youngster. I just discovered the uncut broadcast coverage of it a few weeks ago and that it caused him lingering health issues. I didn't know that's why he stopped racing. Jesus," wrote a user on Twitter.

"Today Eric passed away my condolences go out to his Dad Larry & his mom & the rest of the McClure family. Rest In Peace Eric," wrote another user.