Did Donald Trump Jr Influence 'Capitol Bomb Man' Floyd Ray Roseberry? Speculations After FB Video

Capitol Bomb threat accused Floyd Ray Roseberry had shared a video of Donald Trump Jr. lashing out at U.S. President Joe Biden, on his Facebook page. The video spoke against Biden's decision of withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan leading to Taliban takeover.

Roseberry, who claimed to have an explosives-filled truck outside the Library of Congress, was arrested by the authorities following hours-long standoff which started on Thursday morning.

Floyd Ray Roseberry
Floyd Ray Roseberry
Floyd Ray Roseberry

Roseberry Spoke About Taking Care of American People

Roseberry, who appeared to be to be a strong supporter of former U.S. President Donald Trump, blamed Biden for Afghan disaster and said, "All those dead people are on your hands," during a Facebook Live.

A day ago, Roseberry had shared Donald Trump Jr.'s video about criticizing Biden's foreign policy. The video was titled, "Wow: Even the Democrats Know That Joe Biden's Foreign Policy is a Disaster."


"The American people will take care of the Talaban (sic) after we take care of ours," he wrote while sharing the video of Trump's eldest son a day prior to issuing bomb threat in Washington.

"They keep allowing these illegal Mexicans in here," he said in one video. "All these illegal immigrants from Afghanistan. You don't have free health care for us. You're f***ing giving it to them. Joe Biden, the South is fed up," Roseberry said during FB Live rant, reported the Heavy.

Social Media Questions Donald Trump Jr.'s role

Soon after the screenshot of Roseberry's deleted FB page featuring the video surfaced, netizens questioned the role of Trump's eldest son in influencing the bomb threat accused.

"Like father like son. Donald Trump riled up thousands to "stop the steal" and they did what he asked. They attacked the Capitol. Yesterday, Ray Roseberry watched a Don Jr. video, shared it, and hopped in his truck to bomb Washington," wrote a Twitter user.

"The last post Ray Roseberry shared on his Facebook page before he started live streaming his #libraryofcongress bomb threat, was a video post from Donald Trump Jr. stirring up his supporters against Biden," read another tweet.

"Bomb suspect shared Donald Trump Jr. video one day before threatening the US Capitol. The country is off the rails crazy, and we can thank 1/3 of the country for just plain ignorance. There must be smart ones among them,yes,but nazis had Mengele and V. Braun," opined a user.