Who is Patricia Schmidt? Florida Teacher Calls a Woman 'White Trash' and Her Kids Kids 'Mulattos'

Patricia Schmidt, a Florida school teacher, was caught abusing a woman calling her 'white trash' and referring her children as mulattos" and 'half-breeds.' Schmidt, who is called 'Kings Lake Karen' by her neighbors, is an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Specialist at Lely Elementary School.

Following a severe backlash on the social media, the special-needs teacher was placed on leave by Collier County School District.

Patricia Schmidt
Patricia Schmidt Twitter

Schmidt Tells Victim She "Can't Afford to Live in Kings Lake."

Speaking to the NBC2, the victim said that the incident took place when she along with her kids came around the walking path earmarked for the residents along Kings Lake Blvd. "She blares on her horn for like ten seconds, rolls her window down and starts yelling out the window that we can't walk down that pathway," she said.

The video begins with Schmidt seen sitting inside a Mercedes-Benz parked near the sidewalk. "Your son must be special ed. He's a r—-d. Your son is a r—-d," she shouts at the woman.

Throwing insults at the woman by calling her "white trash," Schmidt says that she "can't afford to live in Kings Lake."

She then goes on to launch a racist attack on the victim's kids. "Are those your mulatto kids? Did you have sex with a Black guy? Your kids are half-breeds, look at them," shouts the 'Kings Lake Karen'.

Schmidt Faces Ire on Social Media

Speaking to the outlet, the neighbors revealed that its isn't Schmidt's first time when she has shown this kind of behavior. The teacher has self-appointed role as guardian of the walking path, which reportedly is intended only for residents of Naples' Kings Lake neighborhood, the outlet reported.

The video also generated a lot of strong worded response on social media. "Twitterverse let's make Patricia Schmidt of Naples famous for being a white raciest Nazi. Make sure her neighbors help out keeping Patricia in jail instead of in the street and schools harassing folks with her raciest tantrums," tweeted a user.

"Why so silent regarding your employee Patricia Schmidt? Are you not concerned about the likely abuse she doled out to children with mixed racial backgrounds in your school? And how did someone so racist towards non-white children not get noticed?" wrote another.

"Why do you still employ Patricia Schmidt? Shame on her and you. Deplorable. She needs to be fired. No way should she be around children. She seems quite unstable. A lunatic, really. And a hateful racist," read another tweet.