Teleprompter Instructs Joe Biden to 'Leave Now' After Afghan Speech? Viral Image Fuels Fake Claims

A doctored image claiming that US President Joe Biden's teleprompter reminded him to "leave now" after his recent speech on Afghanistan crisis on August 16 has emerged. The fake image has gone viral on multiple social media questioning the ability of the president.

After facing a lot of flak for being on vacation at Camp David while the Taliban crisis unfolded in Afghanistan, Biden addressed the issue in the White House East Room in the presence of media.

Biden teleprompter

Truth Behind the 'Leave Now' Remark on Teleprompter

Defending his decision to withdraw the US troops out of Afghanistan, Biden said that he stands squarely behind his decision. "After 20 years I've learned the hard way that there was never a good time to withdraw U.S. forces," Biden said. "I am president of the United States of America. The buck stops with me," he added.

Biden's much awaited speech ended with: "Thank you. May God protect our troops, our diplomats, and all brave Americans serving in harm's way." Thereafter the US President promptly left the podium without interacting with the reporters present in the East Room.

Soon after an image surfaced which showed the teleprompter instructing 'Leave Now' to the US President at the end of his speech. The image was captioned, "Biden was literally told on the teleprompter to leave immediately after his speech... 'LEAVE NOW' #DementiaJoe"

Debunking the claim, Reuters cleared that it was a doctored image which was altered by some miscreants using the original image from a Washington Post video.

Social Media Falls Prey to the Fake Image

Despite the image being far away from the reality, it soon went viral on social media with many users believing the doctored photo.

"The only spoken words from Joe Biden were not even his own. Without the teleprompter there and a speech writer (BHO) he would've been a babbling idiot. Leave now .... the last words in big red letters. He is a national disgrace," wrote a Twitter user.

"Stalin? What? LOL I give Biden virtually no credit for anything. This is the same guy who had to be directed to "leave now" at the end of his teleprompter speech last night to avoid taking questions," wrote another.

"Just so you guys are aware who actually runs this country. After Biden's speech yesterday, the teleprompter told him to "leave now". It's not Biden. #25thamendment," opined another user.

"To your seriously ignorant liberal trolls-statistics show there is a .05% of dying from Covid! Move on! There are 10,000 Americans LEFT by Biden in Afghanistan right now. After his "speech" that he read on the teleprompter (which told him when to leave), he went back on vacation!" wrote a user.

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