Couple Spotted Having Early Morning Sex on Beachside Clifftop at Bondi Beach; Pics Go Viral

A raunchy couple was caught having sex on a cliff at Sydney's famous Bondi beach. The pictures of the couple have gone viral on social media.

Under the strict Covid-19 restrictions implemented by the Australian government a fine of £265 ($500) will be slapped on those violating the norms.

Australian couple
The image of the couple has gone viral on social media. Twitter

Photographer Uploaded Pics on Facebook

According to The Sun, the completely naked couple was caught in the act by photographer Scott Robinson. The keen-eyed photographer located the kinky couple from the sea as they went on with their act on the famous beachside clifftop.

Australian couple

The incident, which took place at 8.15 am, was captured by the photographer who was out for his early morning swim. He posted the pictures on the Bondi Local Loop group on Facebook, reported the outlet. "So under the restrictions, is this considered outdoor recreation or outdoor exercise," he captioned the post which was later taken down.

Later, speaking to Robinson said: "Just thought it was a little levity given the times and the new restrictions. I took the pic from the water while doing an ocean swim this morning from Bondi to Tamarama. It was probably around 8.15 am so they were keen. See lots of wildlife in the water around there but never up on the cliffs."

Social Media Users Dubs Sex Romp 'Cardio'

According to the outlet, before being taken down, the post received a lot of comments from the users. "Yes, it's cardio and also improves your mental health," said one.

"Eastern suburbia is something else,'" wrote one.

"Holyyyyyyyy crap. Those people above had no idea what they were missing out on," added another user.

'When she says, "Let's go for a coastal walk," read another comment on the post.

Recently a frisky couple was caught having sex on a packed beach in Poland shocking several onlookers. The semi-nude couple was finally interrupted by an onlooker who was seen smacking the man's bottom with his flip flop.

The viral video showed an unidentified man gyrating on top of a semi naked woman lying on the beach. The highly intoxicated couple continued their session despite the objections from onlookers. The couple was finally pulled apart by two people. Another beach goer was seen smacking the man's bottom repeatedly with his flip-flop, following which he ran away.