Human journey after death: Woman claims to have seen Jesus during a near-death experience

Spiritualists strongly believe that near-death experience is authentic proof of human journey after death

In a bizarre near-death experience (NDE) testimonial, a woman named Laura has claimed to have seen Jesus while being on the verge of death. Laura faced a near-death experience when she met with an accident on January 11, 1986. Soon after the accident, Laura was taken to a hospital, where she was pronounced clinically dead for some time.

Laura's unusual experience hints life after death

near death experience
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Laura shared her mindblowing experience on the NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) website, and her testimonial has made many believe that life after death could be real.

During the near-death experience, Laura apparently saw a heavenly entity, whom she believes was Jesus Christ. Laura, during the NDE, requested Jesus that she wants to live at any cost. Upon her request, Jesus asked permission from God and gave permission to Laura to go back to the physical world.

"I was begging, 'Let me live, please let me live!' I look up from my hands and saw Jesus sitting next to God. God had a round, white cloud in front of Him, so I could not see the front of Him. But I could see part of the side and the back of him. He was sitting down in a tall white chair like Jesus was. Jesus turned to God and asked Him, 'Could she, live?' God motioned something to Jesus and Jesus suddenly stood up and yelled in a loud, almost a celebratory voice, 'He said Yes! He said Yes!' Jesus had both of His hands raised as he happily stood and yelled this. It seemed like he was signaling the news to others," wrote Laura on the NDERF website.

In a questionnaire answered on the NDERF website, Laura claimed that she felt more alertness than usual during the near-death experience. Laura made it clear that her thoughts were not speeded up during these moments, but her senses were apparently more vivid than usual.

Can death be explored through science?

However, Dr Sam Parnia, a medical expert who has spent most of his career researching near-death experience argues that life after death is not real. As per Parnia, the survival trick of the human brain during life-threatening events is the result of weird visual hallucinations associated with NDE.

Parnia also made it clear that death is basically a phenomenon that could be explored through science. He added that death is both a physical and mental process, where human beings become unconscious about the outside world when the brain stops functioning.