Daytona 500 crash: NASCAR racer Ryan Newman critically injured in car crash, stable for now [VIDEO]

Newman was leading the race when he lost control of his Ford Mustang after being bumped from the back

The 42-year-old veteran NASCAR driver Ryan Newman's condition remains critical but stable following the terrible car crash which took place just moments before the finishing line, during the NASCAR's 2020 Daytona 500 Race. Newman was driving No 6 Ford Mustang, on the speedway at 195 miles per hour when the crash took place.

A seasoned racer, Newman who holds 18 Cup Series wins to his credit had won 2008 edition of the Daytona 500. It is his 19th year in the NASCAR Cup series.

Newman lost control on his car following a bump from behind

Ryan Newman

Newman was rushed to the hospital where the doctors described his injuries to be severely critical but not life-threatening. Newman, who appeared to be winning the race, lost control after being bumped from behind by a car driven by Ryan Blaney.

The slight impact to the high-speeding vehicle caused Newman's car to take a sharp right turn and crash into the wall of the race-track. After smashing into the wall, the car flipped several times before colliding with incoming high-speed race cars on the track. Finally, it fell upside down on the track.

Officials and paramedics rushed to the spot and managed to pull out Newman from the mangled remains of the car. He was placed on a stretcher before being transported to the hospital. The officials enclosed the entire spot with the black screens before asking the media persons to exit the arena. According to NBC the roll cage in the car, designed to protect the driver's head, caved in as a result of the crash.

Newman's family request for privacy

Addressing a press conference, representative of NASCAR said that Newman is being treated for his injuries and they are not life-threatening. A statement from Newman's family read: "Ryan Newman is being treated at Halifax Medical Center.

He is in serious condition, but doctors have indicated that his injuries are not life-threatening." The statement further requested privacy for Newman's family in the ongoing difficult time.

Prayers for Newman pour on social media

US President Donald tweeted: "Praying for Ryan Newman, a great and brave @NASCAR driver."

"Thank you, Jesus ! we still got him. Let's pray for a good recovery. Safety has come a long way in the last 2 decades. We love ya@RyanjNewman," wrote a fan on twitter.

"Praying for Ryan Newman, his family and the entire NASCAR community tonight. Sending well wishes for a fast recover!#Prayers4Newman," tweeted a user.