David Schoen Mocked For Odd Way of Drinking Water; What's Behind Viral Video From Trump Trial?

Attorney David Schoen was trolled on social media after he was repeatedly caught covering his head while drinking water during his speech at impeachment trial. Former U.S. President Donald Trump appointed Schoen and Bruce Castor as lawyers for his second impeachment trial which started on Tuesday.

Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives for his role in inciting the attack on Capitol on January 6 as preparations were underway to formally announce Joe Biden's victory in U.S. Presidential elections. The article of impeachment accused Trump of having "willfully made statements that, in context, encouraged - and foreseeably resulted in - lawless action at the Capitol."

It also stated that the former U.S. President "gravely endangered the security of the United States and its institutions of Government" and "threatened the integrity of the democratic system, interfered with the peaceful transition of power, and imperilled a coequal branch of Government."

David Schoen
Attorney David Schoen seen drinking water during Trump's impeachment trial on Tuesday. Twitter

Netizens Amused by Schoen's Actions

In clips from the trial, which went viral on social media, Schoen, an Alabama-based criminal defense lawyer, was seen placing his hand over his head as he took sips of water from a bottle. The act soon caught netizens fancy as they mocked the attorney.

"Ok, so Trump's lawyers probably didn't think their presentations were as funny as they were meant to be, so instead, it will now be presented as a horror film. I think David Schoen put his hand on his head while drinking water was to stop his brain from falling out. #Impeachment," tweeted a user.

"Stranger than strange. Did anyone else notice Trump attorney, David Schoen's odd habit of drinking from his water bottle and patting his bald head at the same time? I counted 3 times, but did not watch his whole speech. #impeachment #ImpeachmentTrial," read another tweet.

"Why does this man always hold his head everytime he takes a drink of water? Is he afraid his head will fall off? I am really confused why he does it? Every time he holds his hair or head. Anyone else notice this? #ImpeachmentTrial," tweeted a user.

Jewish Groups Comes to Schoen's Defense

Soon after the clips went viral on social media, several Jewish groups came to Schoen's defense claiming that he was observing a Jewish custom. In a tweet, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, a progressive Jewish group, wrote, "It is Jewish ritual, not an odd behavior to be mocked."

Speaking to the New York Post, Rabbi Menchem Genack, CEO of the kosher division of the Orthodox Union, said that since Schoen is an observant Jew, he must cover his head and say a blessing whenever he eats or drinks.

"Each time we eat or drink something we say a blessing to thank God and we cover our head, typically with a yarmulke, to show respect and to acknowledge that there's someone above us," Genack told the outlet adding, "Since he wasn't wearing a yarmulke he wanted to at least cover his head with his hand."