David Hodge: Homestead School Teacher Arrested for Having Unprotected Sex Multiple Times With 12-Year-Old After Claiming to be her Boyfriend

David Hodge, a 30-year-old teacher, was arrested after he admitted to having sex with a 12-year-old student on multiple occasions. Hodge, a former teacher at a homestead Center, was described as 'boyfriend' by the victim.

David Hodge
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Hodge Engaged in Sexual Intercourse Without Protection

Hodge, who taught science and was director of the school's chess club, was part of West Homestead K-8 Center since 2016. The incident came to light after parents of the victim reported the matter to the center.

NBC Miami reported that the relationship between the two started in October, last year. The outlet reported that as per the police report, the duo exchanged texts and direct messages sent via Instagram. The two also shared their nudes and pictures of their sexual private parts. The online communication progressed to physical form of touching each other to oral sex and penetrative sex. As per the report Hodge engaged in penetrative sex with the victim, twice, once without protection.

The police reported that the two engaged in sexual relations after the chess club meeting when the other students left. Hodge told victim's parents that she was staying for tutoring.

The victim, now 13, referred to Hodge as her boyfriend as the alleged accused informed her so, the report claimed. Hodge, who was arrested on Wednesday, was charged on four counts of engaging in sexual acts with a child.

Hodge's Parents Express Shock

Announcing the removal of Hodge, Miami-Dade County Public Schools officials issued a statement saying that as soon as the claims surfaced, Hodge was immediately removed from the school setting.

"Miami-Dade County Public Schools is deeply troubled by the disturbing allegations made against this individual," the statement read. "After a thorough investigation by the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department, this individual was subsequently arrested. Conduct such as the one he is accused of will not be tolerated. As such, the District has initiated employment termination proceedings, and will ensure the individual is precluded from seeking future employment with the District."

Expressing shock as the disclosure, Hodge's mother Rhonda told CBS News that it was very hard for them to believe. "This is very hard for us to believe that this has happened. David was raised in a family that believes in education and has relatives in law enforcement," she said.

"I would like you to take into consideration that David has never had a traffic ticket. I know he has been held without bond but maybe he can be under house arrest. I would just like leniency," Augustin, Hodge's father told the outlet.

This article was first published on February 4, 2023