Darya Khorovskaya: Top Russian Dentist Jumps to Death from 9th Floor of Hospital Window after Parents Die of Covid

Khorovskaya's death is shrouded in mystery as the fall from the ninth floor follows a spate of similar deaths by Russian doctors during the pandemic.

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A top Russian dentist fell to her death from the ninth floor of a hospital's Covid ward, days after her parents died from the virus. Darya Khorovskaya, 35, one of the most prominent Russian orthodontists, was still alive when people spotted her after the fall. However, she later succumbed to her injuries at a local hospital.

It was later revealed that Khorovskaya's parents were both international recognized medical practitioners and had died few days earlier. However, Khorovskaya's death is shrouded in mystery as the fall from the ninth floor follows a spate of similar deaths by Russian doctors during the pandemic.

Tragic End

Darya Khorovskaya
Darya Khorovskaya Twitter

According to local media reports, Khorovskaya was close to both her parents and devastated over their deaths, said other patients in her ward at Elizavetinskaya Hospital. She was reportedly "deeply depressed" by their deaths.

She was admitted to the hospital with Covid-related complications to the hospital two days after her mother's death but herself fell from a window on the ninth floor. Khorovskaya fell at least 90 feet, according to reports, and sustained multiple injuries. She was found alive but died and was rushed to another hospital. Doctors tried their best to revive her but she later died from her injuries in St Petersburg.

However, it is not known how she fell to her death and if there is a homicide angle to it. Khorovskaya used to work at her father's clinic and had become a prominent orthodontist within a short span of her career. Her father, Oleg Khorovsky, 58, had opened the first International standard dental surgery after the fall of Communism, and had worked in the United States.

Mystery Behind Death

Darya Khorovskaya
Darya Khorovskaya Twitter

Khorovskaya's mother, professor Lina Khorovskaya, 58, an internationally recognized expert in clinical diagnostics, had died from Covid just four days earlier. Khorovskaya was close to her mother and couldn't bear the shock and went into depression. Her mother was also a longstanding member of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC).

However, it is not clear if the family had vaccinated for Covid-19. That said, Khorovskaya's death is also somewhat mysterious given that a number of Covid-19 patients and doctors reportedly had jumped to their deaths from hospitals in similar manner.

It is not known why so many people decided to jump to their deaths. In June 2020, police forensic expert Lt Col Natalya Shcherbakova, 45, was fatally injured after she fell from a fifth floor hospital window in Moscow after contracting the virus. She too later succumbed to her injuries.

Reports of Shcherbakova's death came after two senior female Russian doctors sustained fatal injuries after falling from hospital windows. The first was Dr Natalya Lebedeva, 48, who fell to her death from 60 feet from the sixth floor of a Moscow hospital after colleagues said she was unfairly blamed for the spread of coronavirus at her clinic in Star City, near Moscow, the training centre for cosmonauts. She too had contracted the virus.

The other was Dr Yelena Nepomnyashchaya, 47, a mother of two from a medical family, sustained fatal injuries after falling 60 feet from a window at her Krasnoyarsk hospital in Siberia.

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