Danii Banks: OnlyFans Model Flashes Boobs During NFL Game Before Being Booted Out of Stadium by Cops [WATCH]

Banks was neither issued a ticket nor arrested by the police following the incident, and no criminal charges have been brought against her.

A curvaceous OnlyFans model created chaos by exposing her boobs during an NFL game, before being swiftly booted out of the stadium. Danii Banks, 33, took a video of herself flashing her breasts while the Las Vegas Raiders were playing against the New York Jets at Allegiant Stadium on Sunday night.

Security personnel and law enforcement officials identified Banks and immediately asked her to leave the stadium. Banks isn't shy about flashing the flesh and has claimed to have raked in millions from her racy content. The video of Banks flashing her boobs has since gone viral and the model is completely unfazed about the chaos, she created during the Sunday game.

Proud to Flash

Danii Banks
Danii Banks seen gyrating up and down before flashing her boobs X

The OnlyFans model told TMZ that security guards and police officers didn't escort her out, but they did convey that she "didn't have to go home, but she had to get the hell outta Sunday night's game."

Banks was neither issued a ticket nor arrested by the police following the incident, and no criminal charges have been brought against her.

The adult content creator donned a revealing Raiders cropped top in her first Instagram video, as she gyrated up and down on camera.

However, the major reveal took place in her second clip, where she energetically pulled up her top, exposing everything to the audience, accompanied by screams and a playful tongue gesture.

The video soon made its way to social media and has since gone viral.

Banks, a popular porn star, gained social media fame for her alluring swimsuit photos, boasting a current Instagram following of 8 million.

Banks is also in a partnership with Sculpt NYC, a company specializing in services like body and face sculpting, glass skin treatments, red carpet facials, and laser hair removal.

The Sculpt NYC brand has expanded its operations to Las Vegas, where Banks resides, and now includes additional services such as Botox and facial contouring.

Past Controversies

The veteran model and ambassador for the Fashion Nova retail company has a prior connection to the Las Vegas Raiders. In an episode of the Pillow Talk podcast last August, Banks alleged that former Las Vegas Raider, Damon Arnette, had stolen her Cartier watch, phone, and money.

Danii Banks
Danii Banks was immediately booted out of the stadium for flashing her breasts X

"Damon Arnette, the little football player, that played for the Raiders that got kicked off trying to shoot someone or some s***," Banks said.

She continued: "Well, I went to the bathroom, stole my f****** bust down Cartier watch, took my other phone and Zelle'd them all the money out of my account."

"I have it all on camera. Him and his friends leaving my house. Come to find out he does that to b****** and then f****** did it to me."

In response to the accusations made during her appearance on the podcast, Arnette took to his Instagram Story to address the situation. He suggested that Banks should find a more constructive way to handle any issues with him or choose not to engage with him at all.