Cutie Pie Episode 11 How to Watch, Airdate, Spoilers, and More

Cutie Pie episode 11 is scheduled to air on Workpoint TV this Saturday, May 7, at 10.30 pm ICT. Kuea Keerati might confront his fiance, Hia Lian, for hiding the truth from him in this chapter. Previously, in episode 10, Kuea found out that Hia Lian is planning to sell the Keerati mansion to his friend Hia Yi. The followers of this Thai BL series are curious to know if Kuea will call off his engagement with Hia Lian after finding out the truth.

The fans of this mini-series will have to watch the next episode on Workpoint TV this Saturday at 10.30 pm ICT. People from various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, South Korea, and the UK, can watch the chapter with subtitles on the official YouTube channel of Mandee Channel this Sunday at 1 am ICT.

The promotional clip for this week shows Hia Lian discussing his father's birthday with Hia Yi. When Lian informs Yi this Sunday is his father's birthday, the latter curiously asks if there will be a big surprise this year, and the former shyly replies yes. Lian could be planning to announce his marriage to Kuea, but the latter may not agree with it. In episode 10, Kuea spoke to Diao about calling off his engagement with Lian.

Cutie Pie episode 11
Kuea may call off his engagement with Lian in Cutie Pie episode 11. Twitter

The video shows Kuea confronting Lian for hiding the truth from him. Although Lian apologizes to Kuea, he does not seem to be pleased. The clip also shows Kuea asking his mother why she sold everything to Lian. The footage ends by teasing tense moments between the two families. Since everybody is wearing suits, it could be the birthday party of Lian's father.

Cutie Pie Episode 10 Recap

The drama picked up right from where it left off last week and featured the emotional challenge of Kuea. After the young master of the Keerati family found out his fiance's secret, he could not stay relaxed. Kuea kept asking Lian if he was serious about their relationship, and he always got the reply he expected. But he was not satisfied because the only thing Kuea wanted to know was why Lian hid the truth from him.

The young master patiently waited for his fiance to open up to him, but he never heard the truth from Lian. When Kuea discussed it with Diao, he asked him to contact his mother. So, Kuea sent a message to his mother and waited for her call. Meanwhile, the Thai BL drama featured a romantic moment between Hia Yi and Diao. They rekindled their relationship last week.