Dear Doctor I'm Coming For Soul Episode 7 How to Watch, Airdate, Spoilers, and More

Dear Doctor I'm Coming For Soul episode 7 is scheduled to air on GMM25 this Wednesday, May 4, at 11 pm ICT. The chapter will continue to focus on the relationship between Dr. Prakan and Soul ripper Tua Phee. Prakan tried to rekindle his relationship with Tua in episode 6 and waited for the soul ripper's response until the end of the chapter. The followers of this Thai BL series are curious to know if the soul ripper will give a positive reply to Prakan.

The viewers will have to watch the fantasy romance drama on GMM25 this Wednesday to find out what lies ahead for the soul ripper and Prakan. People from various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Peru, Denmark, Europe, and Australia, can watch the mini-series with subtitles on iQiyi Thursday, May 5, at 1 am ICT.

The promotional video for this week hints at a conflict between Prakan and Tua. It shows the hospital getting flooded with patients. Metha, Nathee, Kheeta, and other staff members wonder why there is a rise in deaths. Prakan meets Tua to get the details, but the soul ripper does not tell him anything. The video also shows soul ripper Khett telling Tua not to share anything with humans.

Dear Doctor I'm Coming For Soul
Tua and Prakan in Dear Doctor I'm Coming For Soul episode 7. Twitter/Screenshot

The promotional clip also shows Tua and Prakan working together in the hospital. But things take an unexpected turn after the health of Prakan's mother worsens. She is likely to bid farewell because the video shows Prakan furiously blaming the soul ripper for everything.

Dear Doctor I'm Coming For Soul Episode 6 Recap

The chapter focussed on Prakan as he missed the soul ripper. He never thought the soul ripper would stop visiting him because he spoke to him harshly under the influence of alcohol. He tried his best to rekindle his relationship with Tua, but the soul ripper ignored him. Prakan saw Tua chatting with a seriously ill child in the hospital. He tried to talk things out. However, the soul ripper did not wait to hear what Prakan had to say. He left the place quickly and did not visit the child for some time.

Dear Doctor I'm Coming For Soul
A scene from Dear Doctor I'm Coming For Soul episode 7. Twitter/Screenshot

When Prakan saw the soul ripper again in the children's ward, he was waiting for the soul of the child's mother. So, Prakan did not get a chance to talk to the soul ripper. But he managed to do it after a while. Prakan apologized to the soul ripper and asked him to be his friend. The soul ripper asked him time to think about it.

In the meantime, Prakan finds out that Kheeta has a secret crush on him. He did not hesitate to talk things out with the nurse. Prakan told Kheeta that he knows about his feelings, but he cannot reciprocate them. Prakan also requested the nurse consider him a good friend.

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