Crash Landing On You Star Son Ye Jin to Pair Up With Kang Ha Neul in Sageuk Drama Pyeonggang

Agencies of Son ye Jin and Kang Ha Neul have confirmed the news of receiving the offer from historical drama Pyeonggang.

Fans are waiting for Crash Landing On You stars Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin to announce their new projects, and hope that they will reunite in the next drama. But the latest reports claim that Son Ye Jin is likely to be seen opposite Kang Ha Neul of When The Camellia Blooms fame in a new Sageuk drama, or historical drama in Korean language.

Reports claim that the agencies have confirmed that both the stars have been offered the lead roles in the drama Pyeonggang which means 'broken heart' (working title). Chosun reported that this drama is a tale of love between Princess Pyeonggang and commoner Pabo Ondal.

Son Ye Jin Kang Ha Neul
Son Ye Jin and Kang Ha Neul have been offered lead roles in the Saguk drama Pyonggang. Instagram

When Pyeonggang Transforms Pabo Into a General

The drama is said to be based on true story of Princess Go Ji Oh of Pyeonggang getting married to a commoner called Pabo Ondal. In Korean language Pabo means fool. The story is set in the Goguryeo Kingdom and Son Ye Jin will essay the role of eldest daughter of the king. She is also known as the weeping princess and is constantly teased that only a fool will marry her.

When she grows up and receives a proposal from a nobleman, events in her life force her to choose Ondal, who is a commoner living in mountains. She gets married to Ondal, who is known as a fool and is controlled by his mother. However, Ondal's life changes after marrying the princess as she makes him believe in himself and fuels ambitions in him. He later becomes the general of Goguryeo Kingdom and wins king's heart too.

Waiting For Confirmation

The latest development is that both the stars are considering the offer but have not given their final answer yet. Both Crash Landing On You starring Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin and When the Camellia Blooms starring Kang Ha Neul opposite Gong Hyo Jin were successful dramas receiving high rating from the viewers in 2019.

Meanwhile, in another development, Hyun Bin is all set to return to Korea from Jordan, where he is filming for his movie Bargaining, in September. Fans are waiting for Hyun Bin to reunite with his Crash landing On You star Son Ye Jin as both have been chosen as the ambassadors of Philippines brand Smart Communications. Both have appeared in separate advertisements and fans are hoping to see the stars together soon.

Fans are also waiting for the final answer from Jung Hae In, who has been offered the lead role in the drama Snowdrop by the makers of hit series Sky Castle. Jung HaeIn starred opposite Son Ye Jin in the drama Something in the Rain. BLACKPINK's Jisoo and Kim Hye Yoon of Sky Castle and Extraordinary You fame have been cast as the female leads of the drama Snowdrop.