Crash Course in Romance Episode 12 Recap: Lee Hee Jae's Arrest Creates A Stir

Crash Course in Romance episode 12 aired on tvN Sunday, February 19, at 9.10 pm KST. After focusing on the romantic relationship between Nam Haeng Seon and Choi Chi Yeol in the last three episodes, the mini-series shifted its focus to the mysterious metal ball killer in the latest episode. Detective Bae received a hint about the death of instructor Jin Yi Sang in episode 11.

The detective received a photo of Lee Hee Jae while checking the CCTV footage and black box videos. He was in search of the person in the hood for some time. His search took him to Lee Hee Jae's house. The latest episode of this romantic comedy-drama focussed on the serial killer and the mysterious murder cases.

Lee Hee Jae's arrest created a stir in the city. The two people badly affected by the arrest were Lee Seon Jae and Nam Hae Yi. The teenagers became concerned about the after-effects of this unexpected incident. They were also worried about the academy's parents.

Crash Course in Romance
Choi Chi Yeol and Nam Haeng Sun in Crash Course in Romance episode 9. Twitter/tvN

Crash Course in Romance Episode 12 Recap

The chapter began by featuring the arrest of Her Jae. When the police were taking his older brother, Seon Jae felt helpless. He ran after them calling his brother's name loudly. Seon Jae cried and screamed that his brother did not do anything wrong. He is sick. People around him just watched everything and did nothing to help the teenager.

Haeng Seon and Chi Yeol saw everything. They reached out to help him and knew more about the incident. Seon Jae told Haeng Seon that his older brother had been arrested and asked her for help. In the meantime, Jo Su Hee shared the information in a group chat, and all the ladies started discussing it.

Meanwhile, Jang Seo Jin focussed on her work without knowing about her son's arrest. When she checked her phone, there were several missed calls from Seon Jae. She called him back to find out what happened and rushed to the police station after hearing about her son's arrest. Seon Jae was waiting for his mother at the police station with Haeng Seon and Chi Yeol.

Crash Course in Romance
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Suspect Interrogation

The suspect interrogation of Her Jae did not go well. He kept quiet throughout the process. Then his mother came by for his defense. She informed the detectives that her son has bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, and hallucinations. He has been locked up for a year and depended on medicines for survival. The attorney also told the detective they arrested her son without an arrest warrant, and it's illegal.

Although attorney Seo Jin tried to take her son back home, the detectives refused to send him on bail. While the lawyer was discussing the matter with detectives, she received a message from her second son's home teacher. The teacher informed the lawyer her son did not reach the school. So, she went home to check on her son. Before leaving, she urged her elder son to stay silent during the interrogation.

Seo Jin reached home and scolded Seon Jae for not focusing on his studies. She asked him to get good grades and think about going to college. She returned to the interrogation room and did not let the detectives interrogate her son. The lawyer also managed to get the exam papers for her son from the educational department.

Crash Course in Romance episode 12
A scene from Crash Course in Romance episode 12 Twitter/tvN

The First Fight

Haeng Seon and Chi Yeol dealt with their first fight after making their relationship official in episode 11. The young businesswoman felt awkward about the way her boyfriend's manager treated her during an outcome. She tried to tell her lover about it. But he did not show any interest in it. He asked her to stop discussing the topic. It hurt both of them. Although they wanted to make things right, none of them did so.

While Haeng Seon waited for Chi Yeol to text her, the star teacher got busy with his schedule and did not get a chance to contact her. While the onscreen couple struggled with their first fight, Ji Dong Hee met his old classmate in a studio after Chi Yeol completed his scheduled photoshoot. The manager denied his real identity when the old friend said he knew his old classmate.

Since Haeng Seon did not receive a call from Chi Yeol the whole day, she messaged him after taking her friend's suggestion. Dong Hee saw the message and deleted it immediately. He was unhappy to see Chi Yeol spending more time with his girlfriend. However, Dong Hee's plan did not work. Chi Yeol went to see Haeng Seon immediately after work and waited outside her house. They went together for grocery shopping and headed to Incheon for quality time together.

Crash Course in Romance episode 12
A scene from tvN drama Crash Course in Romance. Twitter/tvN

Dong Hee was not happy to see Haeng Seon with Chi Yeol again. Still, he pretended to be excited about their trip together. After his scheduled classes, the star teacher took his girlfriend on a yacht. His manager was on the helm and was watching them quietly. When Chi Yeol went to get a blanket for his girlfriend, Dong Hee turned the yacht, and Haeng Seon got hurt.

Although Dong Hee said it happened unexpectedly, Haeng Seon did not believe him. The former national athlete knew something was wrong, but she did not want to discuss it with her boyfriend. After thinking about it for some time, she decided to believe the manager. When they reached Seoul, Chi Yeol did not let his girlfriend go home. He asked her to spend the night with him. They spent the night together, and the star teacher dropped his girlfriend home.

The Big Revelation

The detectives did not get any information from Hee Jae even after keeping him in custody for two days. So, they requested an arrest warrant from the court. Sin Jae attended the court trial and looked forward to winning the argument. The lawyer asked Hee Jae to stay silent in court. But the youngster informed the judge that he was only a witness. The killer is still roaming outside freely.

In the meantime, Dong Hee focussed on Haeng Seon. He went to her shop in hopes of killing her. The manager quietly watched the shop owner writing the special menu on the board when the killer targeted her, and it was Dong Hee. Crash Course in Romance episode 12 ended with that big revelation.