Crash Course in Romance Episode 9 Recap: Choi Chi Yeol, Nam Haeng Sun Deal with Fallout

Crash Course in Romance episode 9 aired on tvN Saturday, February 11, at 9.10 pm KST. The chapter followed Choi Chi Yeol and Nam Haeng Sun after their secret was discovered. The onscreen couple dealt with a fallout because they did not know what it meant to be together.

The story picked up right from where it left off in episode 8. It focused on the relationship between Choi Chi Yeol and Nam Haeng Sun. After getting caught red-handed, Haeng Sun dragged the star teacher inside her building complex. It happened when Bang Soo Ah's mother and the other mothers of children enrolled in the All Care Program confidently approached the onscreen couple for confrontation. They shockingly watched the unexpected act by Haeng Sun and waited for the teacher to come out.

In the meantime, panicked Haeng Sun told Chi Yeol that she never broke the promise and the only person who knew about this private tutoring was her best friend, Yeong Ju. Chi Yeol told her to stay calm and decided to deal with the situation his way. He went out and addressed the mother calmly. When Bang Soo Ah's mother confronted him for providing private tutoring to Nam Hae Yi, he curiously asked her why are the mothers against it.

Since the mothers wanted to discuss the issue in detail, the star teacher asked them to meet him in the office to discuss the issue. In the office, Chi Yeol told the mothers that he was providing private tutoring for Hae Yi free of cost, and they could not do anything about it. He also informed the mothers that the copyright for the tutoring material belongs to him and has the right to share it with anyone.

Crash Course in Romance
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An Unexpected Entry

Meanwhile, Heang Sun impatiently waited for the star teacher only to see him leaving the place with the ladies. She got panicked and rushed to the office for his rescue. She unexpectedly interrupted the discussion between the star teacher and the mothers. Heang Sun then told the ladies that she asked him to tutor Hae Yi and that it was not his fault.

When Chi Yeol found out things were going out of his hand, he stopped Haeng Sun and dragged her out. In between, he told his manager to deal with the mothers. Chi Yeol informed Haeng Sun that he could deal with his problems and requested her to stop stepping in unexpectedly.

On the other end, the mothers gathered together to discuss the issue. Soo Ah's decided to inform the director about it. But the other mothers were not happy with the decision. The director met Chi Yeol in his office and asked him to stop tutoring Hae Yi or back out of the All Care Program. The star teacher told the director he was willing to back out from the program.

Crash Course in Romance
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A Rumor that Spreads Like Wildfire

Shortly, Soo Ah's mother received a call from the director informing her that Chi Yeol might not be a part of the All Care Program anymore. She was surprised to hear it and asked her husband why the star teacher was so adamant about teaching Hae Yi. He told her that Chi Yeol might be in a secret relationship with Heang Sun. Then, she remembered seeing Haeng Sun at Chi Yeol's place.

The mothers did a little background check and found out Haeng Sun was a regular at Chi Yeol's place. Soo Ah's mother used to information to spread a dating rumor about Chi Yeol and Haeng Sun. She wrote a blog post with photos of Haeng Sun captured from the CCTV footage. The gossip spread like wildfire, and everybody started discussing it.

Shortly, Hae Yi and Haeng Sun got into more trouble as a YouTuber revealed the side-dish shop owner's real identity. Children in Hae Yi's school discussed the scandal and mocked her. Gun Hoo and Sun Jae stood for her and got into a fight in the school canteen. Even the teachers in her school started discussing the matter in the staff room.

Crash Course in Romance
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An Unpleasant Conversation

Chi Yeol heard about the viral YouTube live-streaming from his manager and rushed to Haeng Sun. Upon reaching the side-dish shop, he found out she is in the hospital with her brother. He went to the hospital, met her, and took her out for dinner. They were together during that time. Haeng Sun wanted to know if Chi Yeol liked her. Before she could ask him, he informed her that he would stop tutoring Hae Yi because he thought that was the best thing to do in this situation. The conversation ends abruptly.

Shortly, Hae Yi received some study material from Chi Yeol for the mid-term exam. Time passed quietly as the children got ready for the mid-term exam. So, Haeng Sun decided to send Hae Yi for winter classes. But she was not sure about the best choice for her niece. She decided to attend a talk show to get a better idea about winter classes.

Haeng Sun did not know that Chi Yeol would be presenting the class until she reached the place. A mother started confronting Chi Yeol in between the talk show about the scandal. Suddenly, another mother got up and blamed Haeng Sun. The formal national athlete was walking out of the room holding her tears when Chi Yeol told everybody he had a crush on her.