Crash Course in Romance Ending, Episode 16 (Finale) How to Watch, Airdate, Spoilers, and More

Crash Course in Romance ending is sure to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats with unexpected plot twists when it airs on tvN Sunday, March 5, at 9.10 pm KST. K-drama fans from various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, Denmark, Europe, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and the UK, can watch the finale with subtitles on Netflix.

Episode 16 will continue to focus on the relationship between Nam Haeng Sun and Choi Chi Yeol while unfolding the reason behind Hae Yi's decision to leave South Korea. The shocking announcement by the high-school student in the penultimate episode left everybody around her in pain. It remains to be seen if Haeng Sun and Hae Yi will get their happy ending toward the end of the story.

The finale of Crash Course in Romance would answer all the big questions in the story, including the fate of Hae Yi who has decided to leave South Korea and stay with her mother in Japan. The production team teased Crash Course in Romance ending hours before the telecast of last episode.

"As Nam Haeng Sun and Choi Chi Yeol face a difficult crisis, their romance becomes even stronger, and it will tug at viewers' heartstrings even more. Will the two of them will be able to unwaveringly overcome this crisis and find their happy ending? Please look forward to finding out how the story unfolds up until the very end," the producers teased.

Crash Course in Romance
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Plot Speculations by Fans

I'm pretty sure her mom is gonna run away again...she's just after money she's never gonna take hae-e with her. May be hae-e said all this because she knew her mother well.

#CrashCourseInRomance preview for final episode! haeyi has decided to live with her mom in Japan it's sad to see her leaving everyone around her but I believe in her decision

I really didn't see this coming ☹️ I think the reason Haee said she's going to Japan with her mom is so that Haeng-seon and Jaewoo can make their lives and her mom stop bothering them She better stay ahh

I think it's strategy. She knows her mom will not take responsibility and run away.

Crash Course in Romance Spoilers

Almost everybody in the story finds out about the relationship between Nam Haeng Sun and Choi Chi Yeol. The onscreen couple and their loved ones could face some unexpected challenges due to it. It remains to be seen how the two will deal with the problems in the upcoming episodes.

Watch Crash Course in Romance every Saturday and Sunday on tvN at 9.10 pm KST. International K-drama fans can watch the mini-series with subtitles on Netflix.

This article was first published on February 8, 2023