Crash Course in Romance Episode 10 Recap: Turning Point for Nam Haeng Sun and Choi Chi Yeol

Crash Course in Romance episode 10 aired on tvN Sunday, February 12, at 9.10 pm KST. The chapter picked up from where the K-drama left off in episode 9 and focussed on the complicated relationship between Nam Haeng Sun and Choi Chi Yeol. The star teacher confessed his feelings for the side-dish shop owner.

The confession brought changes in the lives of Haeng Sun and Chi Yeol, who were dealing with various challenges due to the rumors about their scandalous relationship. The episode featured a turning point in the romantic relationship between the onscreen couple.

The kind words of Chi Yeol did not comfort Haeng Sun. She left the conference room holding her tears. She walked around for some time before texting the star teacher. Haeng Sun asked the teacher to meet her in Room 2 at Versailles. He became confused after reading the text, but he decided to meet her.

Upon reaching the place, Chi Yeol met Haeng Sun. She confronts him about his unexpected confession during the live streaming. The young businesswoman told the teacher he did not need to take all the blame and pity. At that point, he confessed his feelings for her. Chi Yeol then told Haeng Sun he should not have liked her. He will do his best to forget everything.

Crash Course in Romance
Choi Chi Yeol is with Nam Haeng Sun in Crash Course in Romance episode 10 Twitter/tvN

The Consequences

The confession of Chi Yeol had an impact on the institute. Children in the All Care Program boycotted his classes, and the parents demanded a refund. Several children stopped attending his online and offline programs. Children burnt the study materials in front of the institute. The women in the All Care Program held a meeting to discuss plans.

Soo Ah's mother informed the ladies that Sang Jun Ho from Mr. Perfect could join The Pride institute and help their children. The women were happy to hear the news. In the meantime, the director asked Chi Yeol to take a break and go on leave. He planned to appoint Jun Ho as the new math teacher secretly.

Another Mysterious Murder

The viewers of Crash Course in Romance are curious to know what happened on the night Lee Hee Jae went out. Tutor Jin Yi Sang has been missing since that day, and the youngster did not come out of his room after that night. But the show did not address the issue in episode 9.

The latest episode revealed the death of Yi Sang. A couple, who were out for a walk, found his body near the lake. Detective Bae will investigate the mysterious murder case.

Crash Course in Romance
Choi Chi Yeol and Nam Haeng Sun in Crash Course in Romance episode 10. Twitter/tvN

Separation Anxiety

Chi Yeol and Haeng Sun struggled with separation anxiety after they decided to part ways. None of them wanted to contact each other, but they missed one another badly. While sitting at home alone, the star teacher realized he had no one to hang out with. Although the teacher was hungry, he did not have anything at home to eat. So, he went out to get something and bumped into his old friend.

The two friends decided to hang out for a drink. They chatted for a long time before leaving the place. Chi Yeol got drunk and lost consciousness. So, his friend had to call Nam Jae W for help. Haeng Sun's younger brother took the star teacher home. The teacher dreamt about his crush. The next day, he decided to do something to forget about the young businesswoman.

After that incident, Chi Yeol went missing. Ji Dong Hee could not reach him for days. So, he went to the side-dish shop and asked Haeng Sun if she knew the whereabouts of Chi Yeol. She did not know anything about the star teacher. But the former national athlete promised Song Hee she would contact him as soon as she found out about Chi Yeol.

After giving it some thought, Haeng Sun rushed to the camping area and saw Chi Yeol in the fishing area. The star teacher asked her to treat him to a meal. They went to the old restaurant and chatted for some time. Chi Yeol told Haeng Sun everything about his relationship with her mother. The star teacher also informed the young businesswoman that he was confused about his feelings for her. He did not like her. His words broke her heart. She cried out, and Hae Yi saw everything inside her room.

Crash Course in Romance
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A downfall and A Big Revelation

Chi Yeol returned to the institute in hopes of restarting the classes. But the star teacher was replaced by Jun Ho. He got a small group of students to teach and was unhappy with the kids. He decided to resign and discussed it with the director. Soon, Hae Yi and her friends came to know about it. She rushed to her house and saw Chi Yeol quietly watching Haeng Sun outside their shop. At that time, she decided to reveal the truth.

Hae Yi went to the institute to meet Chi Yeol when the Youtuber started his live stream about Chi Yeol. The live streaming was interrupted by Hae Yi, who revealed the real identity of Haeng Sun. She said everything about her relationship with the former national athlete online.