iphone 8 plus split open
Apple's new iPhone 8 (R) and 8 Plus are seen after they go on sale at the Apple Store in Tokyo's Omotesando shopping district, Japan, 22 September 2017 (Issei Kato/Reuters)

Less than a week after two cases of cracked iPhone 8 Plus had been reported in Asia, another similar incident took place in China. As Apple looks into previous cases, reports are firm that swollen batteries have caused the panels of these iPhone 8 Plus phones to split open.

A new iPhone 8 Plus has been reported in China to have a bloated battery. State-owned publication ThePaper.cn on Thursday said the phone is owned by a certain individual who was only identified by his last name Liu.

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Accordingly, Liu approached the paper on the same day to show his iPhone 8 Plus that just arrived with cracks on the side. Nevertheless, there were no signs of burns or explosion.

Liu informs The Paper that he ordered the phone at JD.com, one of the biggest e-commerce companies in China. He notes that he did not charge the phone, adding that he returned it to the seller immediately.

Looking at one of the photos shared on the Chinese media outlet's website, the device's back and fronts panels have split, revealing some internal components.

iphone 8 plus cracked in china
A new iPhone 8 Plus phone with split panels is reported in China (The Paper)

A similar case in Japan was reported previously when the owner of the iPhone 8 Plus posted photos on Twitter of his defective phone shortly after he unboxed the package. On the other hand, another publication in Taiwan reported an iPhone 8 Plus with bloating battery.

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On 29 September, Apple released an official statement acknowledging the faulty phones are theirs and promised to launch an investigation into the matter. As of the moment, Apple has not yet released the findings of their review.

All three circumstances have not been confirmed caused by a bloated battery. However, photos of the impacted phones seem to suggest it is a battery problem.

Recently, Apple has been outspoken regarding the company's vision to dominate in China where some of the world's biggest smartphone manufacturers come from. In fact, the California-based tech giant had been docile to the terms of the Chinese government when it comes establishing businesses inside the communist nation.