Apple's iPhone 8 Plus likely to repeat Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco

Some consumers complain about the battery of iPhone 8 Plus getting swollen.

iphone 8 durability test
An iPhone 8 (L) and an iPhone 8 Plus are displayed during a launch event in Cupertino, California, US 12 September 2017 (Stephen Lam/Reuters)

Apple Inc has confirmed reports of two iPhone 8 Plus phones splitting open shortly after the users bought them. The company has now lodged an investigation into the complaints. Based on shared photos, it seems swollen batteries of the said iPhone 8 Plus units might have caused the front and back panels to break apart.

Taiwanese publication iFeng shared photos of an iPhone 8 Plus, owned by a woman identified as Ms Wu, with a swollen battery causing the device to crack open on the sides. According to Wu, her 64-gigabyte rose gold iPhone 8 Plus started to bloat three minutes after charging it.

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Wu says she used the supplied cable and adaptor. The device was five days old when the incident took place and is now in Apple's hands for investigation.

On the other hand, a Japanese iPhone 8 Plus owner on 24 September also shared photos of his cracked phone via Twitter. Three photos collaged show the phone's front display lifted from the body. However, the owner notes that the phone was fresh off delivery.

The California-based iPhone maker confirmed both incidents, but it refused to comment on the matter. Both iPhone 8 Plus units have been under probe in Apple's laboratories.

iphone 8 plus battery
The sides of iPhone 8 Plus cracked open (iFeng)
iphone 8 plus battery
The sides of iPhone 8 Plus cracked open (iFeng)

Some people fear this might turn out into something untoward just like Samsung Electronics Co's Galaxy Note 7 disaster that forced the company to roll out a global recall due to exploding batteries. Apple has yet to release an official statement explaining the cases and confirm the possibility that the reported incidents could be due to flawed batteries.