Couple Caught Having Sex on Beach Gets Smacking on Bottom by Angry Onlooker in Viral Video

A couple was caught having sex on a packed beach in Poland shocking several onlookers. The semi-nude couple was finally interrupted by an onlooker who was seen smacking the man's bottom with his flip flop.

Poland, which saw 2,881,840 cases and 75,231 deaths due to coronavirus, has eased restrictions. Reportedly nearly half of Poland's population have had at least one vaccine dose.

Poland couple
Couple having sex on the beach in Poland gets a beating from onlooker. Twitter

Man Runs Away After Getting Smacked

According to The Sun, the incident took place at the seaside town of Mielno last Friday. In the footage that has gone viral on social media, a man wearing a blue t-shirt is seen gyrating on top of a semi naked woman lying on the beach.

The couple, who appears to be drunk, continues with the romp despite the cat calls from the fellow beach goers. At one point some people are even seen standing near the couple, apparently asking them to stop their steamy session.

Later a man is seen tapping on the shoulder of the man who the stops and looks towards him. At this point a woman is seen throwing water on the couple as they continue their session.

Finally, two men are seen pulling the semi-nude man away from the woman. As he pulls away and tries to reach out for his underwear lying on the sand, another man comes from behind and smacks his bottom repeatedly with his flip-flop. The semi-nude man is seen running away after the attack.

Man Taken to Detention Center to Sober Up

After her lover runs away, the woman is also shouted upon by the same man. The video then moves towards the running lover who is seen unable to walk properly on the sand due to his inebriated condition.

He is then seen walking up the stairs without his underwear as onlookers continue to mock him. The outlet reported that the unidentified man was taken to the detention center by the police to sober up and was given a ticket for his raunchy while his partner could not be traced.

The Sun also reported that the man who used his footwear to whack the semi-nude man might also land in trouble with the police.