Couple Arrested for Having Sex on Board Ferris Wheel in Ohio, Charged with Public Indecency

A man and woman were arrested after they were caught having sex on board the Ferris wheel at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, police say.

The incident happened on Sunday, Aug. 14, aboard the 145-feet tall Giant Wheel ride. The couple was identified as David Davis and Heather Johnston, both 32.

Witnesses Claim Seeing Naked Body Parts, Woman on Her Hands and Knees

Cedar Point Ferris Wheel
The ferris wheel at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Twitter

A group of females — two 18-year-olds and two minors — told police officers they saw the couple in a cart above them having sex. The witnesses saw naked body parts and observed the couple performing the sex act with the woman on her hands and knees in the cart, according to a Sandusky police report.

"They also stated that they could feel the cart shaking and see both the male and female moving back and forth," the report states. "The group said that the couple knew that they were (being watched) and started laughing and continued their behavior."

Couple Initially Claimed Woman Bent Over to Pick Up a Cigarette

Police said the woman involved in the incident initially told police she had bent over to pick up a cigarette and her partner was helping her. "(She) might have 'shaken her (butt)' a little for him when she bent over," the man told officers.

They both denied they were having sex and the man said he didn't know why the witnesses would have lied, according to the police report. The man told police he did not realize two of the witnesses were kids.

The pair eventually admitted to having sex on the ride, police said. The couple, both 32, were later arrested and charged with public indecency.

This isn't the first time a couple has been caught engaging in sexual acts on a ferris wheel. A South Carolina couple was busted for having sex on a ferris wheel in Myrtle Beach in January 2021, as previously reported. Eric Harmon and his partner Lori Harmon later posted the explicit videos on a pornographic website. They were also charged with public indecency.