Coronavirus Timeline (April): COVID-19 cases cross 3,090,000 worldwide

Today's update (28 April): Number of people affected rises to 3,090,844 worldwide, with 215,063 deaths and 915,988 recovered so far, as per the latest GISAID update

The COVID-19 outbreak that began in the city of Wuhan in China has spread across the world, claimed 215,063 lives and infected 3,090,844 people so far. Several cases have been reported in many countries across the world, triggering panic about a 2003 SARS-like global outbreak.

We give you a chronological breakdown of the situation over the past few weeks. Here's a screengrab showing the latest status of coronavirus across the world:

Coronavirus status as of 28 April, 2020
Coronavirus status as of 28 April, 2020 GISAID

(For complete timeline from 1 March 2020 to 31 April 2020, click here)

April 1: Joining the list of events cancelled or postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic. Glasgow's COP26 is postponed to 2021. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says that he is deeply concerned over "deeply concerned" over the rapid spread of the pandemic across the world.

-- Nur Hassan Hussein, former Prime Minister of Somalia, dies after contracting COVID-19. The death toll in Iran touches 3,036 while the number of COVID-19 deaths in France, Italy and the US reaches 4,032, 13,155 and 4,076 respectively. The number of casualties across the world stands at 44,264.

Nur Hassan Hussein
Nur Hassan Hussein Wikimedia Commons

-- The total number of cases in the US cross 200,000, and several countries continue to report new cases as the number of infected across the world stands at 887,067

-- Eritrea declares a 21-day lockdown to contain the spread of the disease while Sierra Leone announces a 3-day lockdown. Albania announces the extension of its lockdown—which was set to end on 3 April—till the end of the outbreak. Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hints at a possible lockdown if the "voluntary quarantine" measures are not abided by citizens.

-- Turkey sends health supplies to Italy and Spain. Russian military plane carrying essential supplies leaves for the US. Department of Homeland Security officials say that the US' stockpile of protective medical gear is nearly depleted.

April 2: The World Bank is set to roll out $160bn emergency aid over a period of 15 months to enable countries to deal with the impact of the pandemic. Pre-clinical testing of coronavirus vaccine commences in Australia.

-- British Airways plans to suspend nearly 36,000 staff members due to the pandemic. An alliance of Formula One companies, engineers and other industries aim to manufacture at least 1,500 ventilators a week soon.

-- Thailand is set to announce a nation-wide curfew from 10 pm and 4 am beginning on Friday as the number of cases in the country touch 1,875 cases. Doctor in Uganda say that the lockdown in the country could lead to the loss of more lives including expecting mother.

Ellis Marsalis Jr
Ellis Marsalis Jr Wikimedia Commons

-- Bernardita Catalla, the Philippine ambassador to Lebanon dies in Beirut due to COVID-19. Jazz Legend Ellis Marsalis Jr, succumbs to pneumonia caused by the coronavirus. Yaakov Litzman, Israel's health minister and his wife test positive for the infection.

-- The Chinese city of Shenzen becomes the first city in the country to ban on the breeding and consumption of wildlife. A chartered flight from China leaves for London to evacuate Chinese students stranded in the UK.

-- The number of deaths across the world stands at 50,230 while the total number of cases touch 981,221.

April 3: The US Department of Labor reports that the US economy loses 701,000 jobs in the month of March, ending a 113-month streak of job creation. IMF says that the economic downturn set off by the coronavirus pandemic is worse than the 2008 global recession.

-- Three doctors from Iraq say that has thousands of COVID-19 as against the 772 reported by the government. Captain Brett Crozier, commander of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, is relieved of command after a stern letter about containing an outbreak on the vessel is leaked to the public.

USS Theodore Roosevelt
USS Theodore Roosevelt Wikimedia Commons

-- Chinese foreign ministry advises foreign diplomats against visiting Beijing after the temporary travel ban against foreign travelers. Israel seals off, Bnei Brak, an orthodox town near the nation's capital Tel Aviv after a severe outbreak.

-- Matt Hancock, Health Secretary of UK says that Easter Sunday could be the peak of the infection in the country. Prince Charles opens a new 4000-bed hospital in London—named after 19th-century nurse Florence Nightingale—via video link from Scotland.

Antonio Guterres
Antonio Guterres Wikimedia Commons

-- Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, appeals to combatants in areas such as Libya, Syria, and Yemen, to call for a ceasefire saying the "The worst is yet to come" and that COVID-19 will affect "theatres of conflict" as well.

-- The US, Spain, and France, among others, continue to report hundreds of death in the last 24 hours. The worldwide death toll stands at 56,767 and the number of cases touches 1,076,017.

April 4: The Australian government asks over 2 million temporary visa holders such as students, visitors and skilled workers, to go home as soon as possible owing to the loss of jobs and the economic slowdown that the country is set to face due to the pandemic. An expert from Imperial College London says that the UK may relax some of its lockdown measures over the next few weeks.

Gulf Air
Gulf Air Wikimedia Commons

-- Gulf Air announces that transit via Bahrain is open again for international travelers. As the number of imported cases increase in China, the country's southwestern Guangxi region, which shares borders with Vietnam, suspends cross-border transit.

-- Saudi Arabian authorities announce a partial curfew and a lockdown of seven neighbourhoods in the city of Jeddah in order to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus. Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi postpones the launch of several 'megaprojects' to 2021 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

-- Ukraine is set a 20-member consisting of healthcare professionals Italy for two weeks to assist Italian doctors and acquire field experience as the country expects a rise in its domestic numbers. EU approves a multi-billion support package to Greece, Poland and Portugal to help the countries deal with the economic impact of the pandemic.

Guangxi region, China
Guangxi region, China Wikimedia Commons

-- The Nigerian government is set to create a $1.39 billion coronavirus fund to bolster its medical infrastructure in order to fight the disease. Malawi's President Peter Mutharika says that members of the government and his cabinet will take a 10 percent salary cut and divert it towards funds to deal with the infection.

-- The global death toll breaches the 60,000 mark and stands at 63,832, while the total number of confirmed cases globally see a massive surge to reach 1,170,159.

April 5: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is hospitalized after showing continued symptoms of the virus. Mahmoud Jibril, former leader of the Libyan rebel government that led to the overthrowing of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, succumbs to the infection.

-- All business in New York shut down as the coronavirus death toll surges in the state. Chinese billionaires Joseph Tsai and Jack Ma donate 1,000 ventilators to the state.

Jack Ma IANS

-- UAE announces the doubling of its economic stimulus aimed at countering the coronavirus to $70 billion. The country is set to stockpile strategic supplies amid the outbreak in the Gulf nation.

-- Airbus delivers four million masks to Europe from China. The UK says that restrictions on outdoor exercise will be imposed if people continue to flout lockdown norms.

-- The city of Tokyo reports over 130 cases in a day as the city sees and upward swing in the number of cases. Several countries continue to report a large number of new cases and deaths as the global death toll reaches 67,999 and the number of confirmed cases surges to 1,249,107.

April 6: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's condition worsens after being admitted to the hospital and is moved to intensive care. His spokesperson says that Britain has 10,000 ventilators now.

-- German Chancellor Angela Merkel says that coronavirus pandemic is EU's biggest test as Germany begins formulating plans to end its lockdown on April 19. US denies diverting masks that were bound for the country.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson Twitter / Boris Johnson

-- South Carolina's Governor, Henry McMaster, orders the state's residents to stay at home, except for venturing out for essential supplies. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo extends the lockdown in the state until 29 April.

-- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declares lockdown in the country to prevent the spread of the infection during the Jewish holiday of Passover. Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Hosseini Khamenei approves the withdrawal of one billion Euros from the country's wealth fund to combat the outbreak of COVID-19 in the middle eastern nation.

-- Romania is set to extend its state of emergency by another 30 days. Ban on incoming passengers is extended by Thailand. India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other top officials take a 30 percent salary cut.

-- The number of deaths across the world stands at 72,638 while the total number of cases increases to 1,309, 439.

April 7: The UN Security Council may hold its first meeting on the COVID-19 pandemic on Thursday. The UN condemned the attack on a hospital in Tripoli. The WHO warns nations against relaxing safety measures too soon.

-- The Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte extends the lockdown on the main island of Luzon till the end of April. A state of emergency is announced in Japan by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, covering Tokyo and six other prefectures along with a $1 trillion stimulus package.

Shinzo Abe
Viral image of Shinzo Abe Twitter grab

-- Slovenia's Prime Minister Janez Jansa says lockdown restrictions could be loosened if the current trend of the outbreak continues. Tunisia announces infected citizens could be prosecuted for manslaughter if they lead to contamination of others by not adhering to instructions laid down by the country's health ministry.

-- Greg Clarke, the chairman of England's Football Association, warns that clubs in the country could collapse due to the economic fallout of the pandemic and ''vanish". The International Air Transport Association warns that globally over 25 million jobs in the aviation sector could be lost.

-- The worldwide death toll increases to 79,091 while the number of cases increases by over 80,000 and reaches 1,390,511.

April 8: France is set to extend its lockdown beyond 15 April. Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra extends the state of emergency in the country to 26 April. Egypt extends its nationwide nighttime curfew until 23 April.

-- Dubai suspends marriages and divorces "until further notice" to contain the spread of COVID-19. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa puts the country's the communications minister on "special leave" for breaking lockdown protocol.

-- Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declares a state of emergency in the country in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus within the country. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani urges the IMF to provide the middle eastern nation with the $ billion emergency fund requested to fight the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square and CEO of Twitter, speaks during an interview
Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter Reuters

-- Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, sets up a $ 1 billion fund to focus on global relief efforts initially. Amid the self-isolation due to the spread of the pandemic, Google provides access for two months to users of its Stadia Pro gaming platform.

-- The total number of casualties rises to 86.979. The number of confirmed cases surges to 1,464,852.

April 9: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reported to be out of ICU. German Chancellor Angela Merkel requests citizens to be "patient " and says that the society will have to learn to live with the virus till a cure is found.

-- Venezuela receives 90 tons of COVID-19 aid from the UN. The South-East Asia office of UN Human Rights calls on nations in the region to safeguard the health of migrant workers during the pandemic

Jair Bolsonaro
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Facebook/Jair Bolsonaro

-- Japanese conglomerate Fujifilm begins testing II phase trial for Avigan in coronavirus patients in the US. Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro says that the country will import raw material for the production of hydroxychloroquine from India. The number of people filing unemployment benefits crosses 16 million.

-- Flags fly at half-mast across the state of New York in honour of those who lost their battles to the deadly infection and passed away. Vietnam approves a tax holiday amounting to $7.6 billion in order to help businesses affected by the coronavirus.

-- The number of cases across the world sees a spike and stands at 1,484,811 while the number of deaths increases to 88,538.

April 10: IMF approves $147 million in aid to Gabon to tackle the impact of COVID-19 in the African nation. The institution also lends $190.5 million to Albania.

-- Singapore suspends the use of the platform, Zoom, to conduct online classes as hackers disrupt classes with obscene material. Kazakhstan announces the extension of its state emergency till the end of April.

-- Pakistan government begins distributing $863 million in cash grants across the country to low-income families. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warns the UN Security Council that the coronavirus pandemic threatens global security and peace.

Apple YouTube Grab

-- Shoppers crowd grocery stores and streets shortly after the government announced a curfew of two day s in 31 cities. Senegal's government warns companies against the laying off of employees in a statement.

-- Apple and Google announce that they will be collaborating for the development of an app for tracking coronavirus infections. Top Glove Corporation Bhd, the biggest manufacturer of medical gloves in the world, announces plans to start manufacturing of face masks soon.

-- The global death toll crosses 100,000 and stands at 101,526 and the total number of infection jump to 1,673,423.

April 11: Downing Street says British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is making "very good progress". WHO says it is examining reports of recovered patients testing positive again. The death toll in the US surpasses Italy as it rises to 20,071.

-- Armenia extends its state of emergency by 30 more days. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi extends the lockdown in the country. Bangladesh extends its nationwide lockdown by another 11 days.

Hassan Rouhani
Hassan Rouhani Twitter/Hassan Rouhani

-- Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe asks Japanese citizens to avoid nightlife activities and spots such as bars and restaurants. As low-risk economic activities resume in Iran, President Hassan Rouhani urges citizens to follow health protocols.

-- Africans in China's Guangzhou city are targeted as the country tackles imported infections. South Korean government announces the use of electronic wristbands to track those in quarantine. US President Donald Trump orders his administration to help Italy in its fight against the pandemic.

-- The worldwide cases increase by over 80,000 and stand at 1,754,457. The number of casualties touches 107,520.

April 12: Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud extends the coronavrirus curfew in the country "until further notice". Jordan's Prime Minister Omar Razzaz extends the lockdown till the end of April.

-- Indonesia imposes curbs on public transportation ahead of the holy month of Ramdan in a bid to contain the spread of the virus. Chinese city of Harbin implements 28-day quarantine for all foreign arrivals as 97 imported cases are reported.

King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia
King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia Wikimedia Commons

-- Khalif Mumin Tohow, a state minister in Somali dies of COVID-19. Sri Lanka makes the cremation of remains of the coronavirus casualties mandatory amid protest among its Muslim population. The death toll in France, Spain and the UK continues to mount as the total number of deaths across the world stands at 113,031.

-- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is discharged from the hospital after being admitted a week prior due to worsening coronavirus symptoms. Pope Francis leads the Easter Mass through livestream from St. Peter's Basilica.

-- UN envoys in the Middle East call for a cease-fire among warring groups in the region. Britain pledges $248 million to the WHO to prevent the second wave of the disease.

-- Several countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, and Turkey, among others, record hundreds of new cases as the global tally jumps to 1,827,284.

April 13: IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva says that the financial institution will provide immediate debt relief to 25 countries. Health ministers of G20 countries are set to meet through video conference on 19 April to discuss action against the pandemic.

-- South Korea to send 600,000 testing kits to the US in response to President Donald Trump's request for kits. Leaders of 10 member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are set to meet on Tuesday to discuss cooperation.

FIFA World Cup 2018 opening ceremony
President Vladimir Putin Reuters

-- France, Nigeria and Turkey extend and impose fresh lockdowns. Russian President Vladimir Putin asks the country to prepare for "any possible scenarios, including the most difficult and extraordinary". The Indonesian Ulema Council advises worshippers to limit Ramdan activities.

-- South Africa evacuated 136 of its citizens from the Nigerian capital city of Lagos. The Houthi rebels in Yemen release over 2,000 prisoners in areas under their control to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

-- Ecuador says that the police have retrieved nearly 800 bodies of COVID-19 casualties from homes in the country's epicenter, Guayaquil. The total number of casualties increases to 118,304 while the total number of confirmed cases touches 1,897,373.

April 14: Wilson Witzel, the Governor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, tests positive for COVID-19. Mary Lou McDonald, the leader of the Irish political party, Sinn Fein, says she is recovering from COVID-19.

Wilson Witzel, Governor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Wilson Witzel, Governor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Wikimedia Commons

-- Alpha Conde, President of Guinea, decides to make mask-wearing mandatory in order to stem the spread of the disease. 62 migrant workers from Myanmar are arrested by the Malaysian police for violating lockdown.

-- Two experimental vaccines against the coronavirus receive approval from China for early-stage human tests. British-Swedish biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca, says it will start examining the potential of its cancer drug, Calquence, against the coronavirus.

-- Australia and New Zealand to stick with lockdowns to keep the spread of the disease under check. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi extends lockdown in the country till 3 May.

-- The number of confirmed cases across the world stands at 1,970,225 and the global casualties rise to 124,544.

April 15: Libya's recognized government set to impose a 24-hr curfew for 10 days. Colombia to temporarily release 4,000 prisoners and place them In house arrest in a bid to contain the spread of COVID-19 among prisoners.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi YouTube grab

-- US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slams President Donald Trump's decision of halting funds to the WHO. The organisation's Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says that he regrets Trump's action. The EU also shares concerns over the decision.

-- G20 nations agree to provide temporary relief to the poorest nations; IMF and World Bank praise decision. Japan's Fujifilm increases the production of anti-flu drug Avigan for possible COVID-19 applications.

-- Brazil's health secretary Wanderson de Oliveira resigns as tensions between President Bolsonaro and Health Minister Mandetta rise. Carmaker Aston Martin extends suspension of its manufacturing activities by a week.

-- The total number of deaths worldwide reaches 130,528 and the global total of confirmed cases cross 2 million and stand at 2,023,663.

April 16: US Republicans call on US President Donald Trump to withhold aid to the WHO until its Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus resigns. Trump announces guidelines for a phased approach to reopen the economy.

Luiz Henrique Mandetta
Luiz Henrique Mandetta Wikimedia Commons

-- Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro appoints Nelson Teich as the new health minister of the country after the sacking his predecessor Luiz Henrique Mandetta earlier in the day. Germany's Constitutional Court declares that people in the European nation have the right to protest during the pandemic.

-- IMF managing director should seek an extension for its Brexit transition amid the coronavirus pandemic in the country. Changyong Rhee, director of the IMF's Asia and Pacific Department, says that economic growth in Asia is set to drop to zero for the first time in 60 years.

-- UK extends lockdown in the country by three more weeks and Hungary also announces an extension of its own lockdown. South Africa to permit the operation of mines in the country at 50 percent capacity. The number of cases worldwide touches 2,113,226 and the death toll increases to 140,371.

April 17: US President Mike Pence attests that US states have sufficient tests to adhere to guidelines in order to reopen their economies. Sheikh Abdulaziz Al al-Sheikh, Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti says that Ramadan and Eid prayers must be offered at home if COVID-19 continues to spread.

London mayor Sadiq Khan praises amazing emergency services after Grenfell Tower fire
London mayor Sadiq Khan

-- Germany's health minister Jens Spahn announces that the outbreak of disease is manageable in the country as the number of recoveries are more than the number of new cases recorded this week. London Mayor Sadiq Khan asks the British government to make the wearing of masks mandatory.

-- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that the country's border restrictions with neighbour, The US, will remain "for a significant amount of time". Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping discuss the response to the pandemic in their respective countries over a phone call.

-- A Malawi high court temporarily bars the government from imposing a 21-day lockdown in the country. Tunisia's President Kais Saied extends lockdown, with a date set to be announced soon. Dubai extends 24-hour curfew by one week in a bid to prevent the spread of the disease.

-- Netherlands, Qatar, Russia and Singapore report several hundred cases in a single day as the total number of cases across the world rises to 2,214,861. France reports 761 new deaths and Italy records 575, bringing their respective death tolls to 17,920 and 22,745; global casualties surge to 150,948.

April 18: Hundreds of protesters gather in several US states and protest against stay-at-home orders. Daily coronavirus death toll in New York reaches a two-week low with only 540 casualties recorded across the state.


-- The number of cases in Turkey reach 82,329, overtaking Iran to register the highest number of cases in the Middle East. Brazil, Indonesia, Netherlands, Mexico, Japan, Russia and Singapore register hundreds of new cases as the worldwide tally reaches 2,297,712.

-- Algeria, Croatia and Morocco extend lockdowns in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus infection. Israel set to ease some restrictions as Spain contemplates easing lockdown measures.

-- Canada makes wearing masks on planes mandatory. Amazon installs thermal cameras at its warehouses to monitor fevers among employees.

-- Daeng Faqih, Chairman of Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), says that the death toll in the country has likely crossed 1000. The death toll in France, Iran, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK continues to rise as the global casualties increases to 158,202.

April 19: Tunisia and Zimbabwe extend their coronvirus lockdowns. UK minister says that there are no plans for the easing of its lockdown. Brazilians take to the streets of Rio de Janeiro to protest calling for the resignation of governors over the imposed lockdowns that has affected several businesses.

Yuan Zhiming
Yuan Zhiming, Director of Wuhan Institute of Virology Screen Grab/CGTN

-- Yuan Zhiming, head of the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, rejects US allegations that the deadly coronavirus had origins in his lab. Vera Jourova, vice-president of European Commission criticizes the EU for its "morbid dependency" on India and China for medical supplies.

--The number of cases in Peru and Israel cross 15,000 and 13,000 respectively, while the confirmed cases in Chile and Japan surpass 10,000. Canada, Indonesia, Poland, Qatar, Russia and Singapore continue to report hundreds of new cases as the global tally touches 2,375,443.

-- The death in the US exceeds 40,000 and stands at 40,585. The number of casualties in France nears the 20,000 marks and touches 19,718, adding to the international tally of 164,716.

April 20: Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of IMF, says that the coronavirus crisis is the worst since the Great Depression. Japan scientist Kentaro Iwata expresses doubts of the likeliness of the Olympics being held in 2021.

-- New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces a relaxed extension of the lockdown in the country. Pre-schools in Norway begin opening as the country says that the pandemic is under control within its borders.

Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern
Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern Reuters

-- Poland's Health Minister Lukasz Szumowski says that restrictions may be put back in place if the number of cases spike. Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro joins thousands of Brazilians protesting against the lockdown in the country.

-- Saudi Arabia extends the suspension of prayers at two important Mosques—the Grand Mosque and Prophet's Mosque. Belgium begins looking at exiting as it says that peak in the country has passed. President Vladimir Putin says that the peaking of cases is still ahead in Russia as the number of cases in the country surpasses 47,000.

-- The worldwide tally of confirmed cases stands at 2,440,528 while the death toll rises to 167,592.

April 21: Member states of the UN accept resolution for 'equitable' access for any future COVID-19 vaccines. International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) works towards containing the spread of the coronavirus infection in prisons in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

-- Dr. Takeshi Kasai, the WHO regional director for the Western Pacific, says that countries must adapt to a new way of living in the midst of the coronavirus' presence. WHO says evidence suggests that the coronavirus most likely originated in animals and not in a laboratory.

-- Indonesia bans Ramadan travel in the country in order to contain the spread of the disease within the country as the number of coronavirus death in the Asian nation rises to 616. Iraq set to partially roll back certain restrictions of the 24-hour curfew imposed in the country during Ramadan while Saudi Arabia contemplates the same.

-- US President Donald Trump set to sign an executive order banning immigration to the country. US Senate approves funding of $484 billion to hospitals and small businesses.

-- The global death toll increases to 174,336 and the total number of confirmed cases worldwide spikes to 2,531,804.

April 22: Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison seeks support for an international investigation into the COVID-19, after conferring with heads of states including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, and US President Donald Trump. However, Macron saysthat "it is no time to talk about this."

 Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Reuters

-- Pedro Sanchez, Prime Minister of Spain, says that his governmentis aiming to ease lockdown measures during the second half of May. Ukraineextends its coronavirus quarantine till 11 May. Restrictions in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta to be extended till 22 May says the city's governor.

-- "We are not hiding anything," says Turkmenistan's foreign minister as questions are raised overno reported cases of COVID-19 in the country. Several government officials in South Africa arrested for flouting lockdown regulations. Israel ceases testing of samplesfrom Gaza.

-- Pope Francis urges the EU stand united against the coronavirus pandemic. Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan tests negative for COVID-19 after after meeting with a philanthropist infected with the disease.

-- WHO Dierctor-Geneal warns that the "virus will be with usfor a long time". US Secretary of StateMike Pompeo says that China did not inform the WHO in time about its coronavirus outbreak in time.

-- The worldwide casualties stand at 182,004 and the number of confirmed cases across the world reach 2,614,040.

April 23: UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson set to resume work from possiblyfrom Monday Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte lauds the efforts of EU leaders for appropriate economic response to the pandemic.

Giuseppe Conte
Giuseppe Conte Wikimedia commons

-- World Trade Organization (WTO) reports that 80 countries are limiting the export of face masks and other essential protective gear. WHO warns that amid the coronavirus pandemic, malaria-caused deaths in several African nations could double. The body also says that nearly half of all COVID-19 deaths in Europe are at nursing homes

-- International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) urges governments across the world to handle to develop plans and be prepared to handle deadbodies in the event of mass casualties. Christine Lagarde, chief of European Central Bank, says that EU nations are doing "too little, too late"to protect the economy from the effects of the pandemic.

-- South Africa to commence phased relaxation of lockdown restrictions from 1 May. Indonesia is set to ban all domestic air and sea travel till Juneas the cases and deaths in the country continue to rise. Greece to extend lockdown till 5 May.

-- The global death toll touches 186,640 while the number ofreported cases surge to 2,678,585.

April 24: Remdesivir, the antiviral drug by Gilead Sciences, that was touted as a possible treatment for the coronavirus fails to show any significant results in a trial. US President Donald Trump is slammed by all quarters for suggesting the injection of disinfectants as a possible treatment.

-- As the holy month of Ramadan begins, hundreds congregate at a mosque in Indonesia's Aceh for prayers. The strategically important East African nation of Djibouti surges to 98 as citizens ignore restrictions imposed.

Matt Hancock
Matt Hancock Wikimedia Commons

-- Lebanon, Liberia and Poland, extend their lockdowns in a bid to contain the outbreaks within their borders. A 1,000-bed hospital for coronavirus patients set to open in St Petersburg by the end of the week.

-- El Salvador parliament is evacuated due to suspicion of COVID-19 contamination. Haiti receives another group of deportees from the US amid the coronavirus crisis.

-- France, Indonesia, Qatar, Netherlands, the Philippines, Singapore and Turkey report hundreds of new cases in a single day as the global tally rises to 2,780,094. The death toll in the US crosses to 51,000 as the global casualties increase to 194,456.

-- Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is reportedly helping with the tracing of coronavirus contacts. British health minister Matt Hancock says that healthcare workers are not being as to compromise on safety measures as two doctors initiate legal action against the government.

April 25: An aid of $309 million for Mozambique is approved by IMF. US Treasury Department provides payroll support of $9.5 billion to US Airlines.

-- Protestors take to the streets of Berlin to protest against the lockdown imposed to Germany. South Africa mulls over reopening its agriculture sector and permit the partial operations of few other sectors. The governments of India and Pakistan relax a few restrictions for a few small businesses.

-- Japan's Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura cancels media briefings after coming in contact with a staff member who had tested positive for COVID-19. Polish health minister Dr. Lukasz Szumowski recommends the postponement of the country's presidential election to 2022 amid the pandemic.

Blood plasma
Blood Plasma (Representational picture) Pixabay

-- Britain to commence trials to ascertain if plasma from recovered coronavirus patient can be used as treatment. Authorities in New York City received large number of calls from worried residents who ingested cleaning products after hours after US President Donald Trump's "disinfectant" comment.

-- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson set to return to work from Monday. Donald Trump says that press briefings are "not worth the time & effort."

-- The worldwide death toll stands at 201,502, while the total number of cases across the world jumps to 2,868,539.

April 26: Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announces the athletes of individual sports can begin training on 4 May, while professional sports teams can start training on the 18 May. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announces the presentation of plans on Tuesday for the unwinding of the lockdown

-- European carmakers such as BMW and Volkswagen set to begin production from Monday. Large churches in South Korea are allowed to open with mandatory safety restrictions in place for worshippers.


-- Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, and Turkey continue to report several new COVID-19 cases as the global tally increases to 2,954,106. The number of deaths worldwide increases to 205,398.

-- Nearly 96 percent of infected inmates in prisons across four states in the US are found to be asymptomatic. Cuba sends 216 healthcare workers to South Africa to aid in the fight against the disease. Australia launches a new coronavirus tracking app amid controversy surrounding the privacy of citizens.

April 27: US House of Representatives set to begin its session on 4 May. California Governor Gavin Newsom says that coronavirus related public health restrictions will be implemented in the state as people throng beaches to beat the heat.

-- Over 700 people are killed in Iran after consuming methanol as a cure for the coronavirus infection. Thirty workers at an offshore oil platform, Serpentina, in Equatorial Guinea, test positive for the disease. The number of cases worldwide touches 3,012,484 and the global casualties stand at 208,517.

-- President Tayyip Erdogan says that Turkey will send medical equipment to the US. Sweden's ambassador to the US says that Stockholm, the capital of Sweden will achieve herd immunity by May.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Reuters

-- India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, says that the lockdown in the country led to the saving of "thousands of lives". Indian Council of Medical Research, asks states in the country to cease the use of testing kits procured from two Chinese firms after faulty test results.

-- Michelle Bachele, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, warns that the pandemic could lead to "human rights disaster". Iran mulls reopening of mosques in areas free of the coronavirus.

April 28: British Airways says that it is going to slash nearly 12,000 jobs as a part of its restructuring plans as the company braces the economic impacts of the pandemic. Energy heavyweight, BP, faces a $4.4 billion net loss in the first quarter as oil prices crash due to the pandemic.

-- Czech parliament extends the emergency in the country till 17 May. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi orders the extension of its state-of-emergency for another three months. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe says that the lockdown restriction in the country will ease on 11 May only if the rate of infections drop below 3,000 cases per day.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam
Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam IANS

-- Three Chinese Internet activists go missing after they archive censored news stories online about the coronavirus. Carrie Lam, Hong Kong's Chief Executive, announces that civil servants in the city will return to work from 4 May.

-- Novartis, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant, reports a net profit of 16 percent in its first quarter as the sale of medicines are boosted by the pandemic. Turkey sends protective equipment and medical supplies to the US.

-- The global casualties 215,063 and the number of cases worldwide touches 3,090,844.

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