World's largest critical care unit NHS nightingale hospital to open today amid coronavirus outbreak

The hospital is spread around 87,382 square metres

World's largest critical care unit National Health Service (NHS) nightingale with 4,000-bed is opening its doors for patients on Friday. NHS nightingale hospital was built within ten days at East London's ExCel exhibition center. The center usually hosts lifestyle shows, expos and conferences with the area of 87,328 square metres.

It consists of 80 wards with 42 beds in each ward. 200 soldiers a day from Royal Anglian Regiment and Royal Gurkha Rifles along with NHS staff and contractors worked along to build the hospital. Building Design Partnership Ltd assisted with its architectures and engineers to build 4,000-bed hospital.

Representational Image Xinhua/IANS

The framework of beds was made from material used to make exhibition stands because of its light weight. ExCel's existing electrical infrastructure will be used for power supply for the hospital. It will require 16,000 health workers to keep the huge hospital running. Staff of 200 will be assigned to take care per ward with 42 beds. The whole area will be led by the team of eight senior staff picked from local hospitals and trusts.

Staff staying facility

London city airport will be used to receive essential supplies and nearby hotels and university accommodation will be used by the staff as staying facility. There will be availability of support services like pharmacy and therapy treatment. NHS have marked to create two more hospitals in Bristol with 1,000 beds and Harrogate with 500 beds.

There have been 34,173 people infected and 2,926 patients died including 569 new deaths due to coronavirus in UK so far. Boris Johnson wrote every household in UK stating situation might get even worse if necessary precautions are not taken. "It is important for me to level with you- we know things will get worse before they get better," he said. The government is trying to increase the test rates as Health Secretary Matt Hancock aims to test at least 25,000 people a day by mid-April.

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