Coronavirus scare: THIS man's disgusting act makes us realise even currency notes are not safe now

The disgusting video shows a man licking and wiping some Rs 500 Indian currency notes with his nose

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, people all over the globe are trying to be extra careful in maintaining personal hygiene. Many have started washing their hands more frequently and are even sanitising everything bought from outside. But is it possible always? Certain disgusting videos surfacing online these days prove that it cannot be possible every time.

Multiplevideos of people deliberately attempting to spread the virus to others have been doing rounds on social media. While some spit, cough or sneeze at other people's face, some others have been spotted licking or applying saliva on public places, including lift buttons, items in supermarkets, doorknobs, to name a few.

Even banknotes are not safe!

Video of Indian man licking and wiping currency notes with his nose goes viral; Nashik police arrest him
Video of Indian man licking and wiping currency notes with his nose goes viral; Nashik police arrest him Twitter

Now, the latest disgusting 'trend' among these sick people seems to be licking currency notes. Yes, you heard it right! The banknotes that we handle almost every day in our life.

A video that is widely being shared on social media shows a man licking and wiping some Rs 500 Indian currency notes with his nose. "There is no treatment for diseases like Corona. This is a punishment from Allah for you (translated from Hindi)," he is also heard saying in the clip making objectionable religious comments.

Police arrest him

The incident is said to have taken place in Malegaon, a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra and the video was posted on the TikTok account of 40-year-old Sayeed Jameel. After it went viral on social media, the cyber police traced his location and Nashik police have now confirmed that the man seen in the video is currently under police custody. The suspect has been arrested under sections 153 and 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

"Lawful action has been taken against the accuse by Nashik Rural Police (Maharashtra) & he is in Police Custody. Proper investigation & further process is going on. His all social media accounts are now under police observation," Nashik Rural Police tweeted.

Social media reactions

Netizens have been posting negative comments against the nasty behaviour of the TikTok user Sayeed Jameel. "We don't feel safe after watching TikTok. This is a mindset to harm by spitting on people, licking currency, fruits and food. How do you stop coronavirus?," commented a Twitter user.


Respected Prime Minister, After watching TikTok, we don't feel safe. Please declare emergency after lockdown is over. We are risking our lives because of there mindset. They licking currency, fruits, spitting on food is not acceptable. Their behaviour is going beyond control.

Meanwhile, recently, a team of health workers were pelted with stones as they were trying to trace the person, who had come in contact with a COVID-19 patient in Indore in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. The medical team was later rescued by police officials.

It has to be noted that with many such videos of people intentionally trying to spread the infection or misbehaving with medical workers, amid the Coronavirus scare has, however, forced a few netizens in feeling hatred against the people belonging to a particular religion. Many have been posting hate messages against them attacking doctors, spitting on roads, spitting on nurses and health workers, licking fruits, vegetables and stripping naked in front of nurses, to name a few on social media platforms.

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