Horrifying video shows coronavirus positive man spitting on another; later found dead inside train in Thailand

Though his temperature showed normal, the 56-year-old was later found vomiting and coughing during the journey.

While the whole world is struggling to fight against the deadly novel coronavirus, there are some sick people who apparently try to spread the infection deliberately. Multiple videos and photos of people spitting on others, applying saliva in public places like lifts and shelves at supermarkets, as well as of people coughing or sneezing directly into others' faces have surfaced online.

In the latest video that has started doing the rounds on social media, a middle-aged man using a crutch to walk is seen spitting in the face of another traveller at a ticket counter in a railway station. The surveillance footage shows the man, identified as 56-year-old Anan Sahoh, spitting on an unidentified man, who was buying tickets at the Bang Sue station in Bangkok in Thailand.

It is understood that Sahoh's temperature showed a normal 96.8F (36C) during the mandatory check-up before boarding the train from Bangkok to the southern city of Narathiwat. However, he was spotted vomiting and coughing during the journey. Though the train staff checked his temperature again, it was found normal.

A man, who was spotted spitting on another person, was later found dead inside a train in Thailand.
A Coronavirus positive man, who was spotted spitting on another person, was later found dead inside a train in Thailand. Twitter

Unfortunately, Sahoh was later found dead inside the carriage after collapsing in front of a toilet when the train reached the Thap Sakae district station. The medics later confirmed that he was positive for coronavirus.

Authorities are trying to track down the unknown man, who might also be infected with the virus. "We are now worried about a man that was spat at in the security camera footage. Initially, we coordinated with the railway police but they have not found him yet. We want to announce that if anyone knows him or if he has heard about the news, then he should please go to the hospital immediately," Thakoon Intrachom, the director of the State Railway of Thailand, said in a statement.

Watch the horrifying video here:

Coronavirus cases in Thailand

The novel coronavirus declared as a pandemic has already claimed the lives of 54,207 people globally, So far, 19 people have died due to the virus infection in Thailand, while there are 1,378 active cases being reported.

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