German man allegedly arrested for licking subway ticket machine to spread Coronavirus?

The disgusting acts of these people have irked the netizens, who have been abusing these evildoers for their sick minds

While the entire world is struggling to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, multiple disturbing photos and videos of some miscreants deliberately attempting to spread the virus, have surfaced online.

In the viral footages, these people are seen consciously applying their saliva on public spaces like elevator buttons, handrails, doorknobs, items in supermarkets as well as spitting on other's body.

German man arrested for allegedly licking ticket machine


The disgusting acts of these people have irked the netizens, who have been abusing these evildoers for their sick minds. Now, the latest reports suggest that a German-based man was recently arrested on Monday, March 23, for allegedly licking the ticket machine at a U-Bahn station in the Bavarian capital Munich. He had apparently admitted of trying to spread the COVID-19 with this terrible stunt.

It is understood that the incident came to light after he shared the video on social media with the hashtag #coronachallenge, however, we are unable to find the identity of the person as well as the video. According to AFP, citing the police in Munich, the 33-year-old licked the subway ticket machine and handrail of an escalator. Though it is unclear if he is infected with the novel virus, reports suggest that he has been administered a test.

Similarly, another man was also recently arrested in Thailand after a video came out showing the man smearing a lift with saliva and sweat. The Bangkok Mass Transit System told the reporters that the incident occurred at 5.23 am local time on Friday, March 20.

Situation in Germany

According to latest updates, 18,944 people have already died due to this pandemic that has affected the lives of millions of people all over the globe. However, it has to be noted that Germany's death toll rate is much lower than Italy, the United States or Spain.

So far, the COVID-19 has claimed the lives of 171 people, while there are 30,482 active cases. Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, 65, went into quarantine on Sunday, March 22, after she met a doctor, who tested positive for Coronavirus.

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