In the wake of the novel Coronavirus, health experts have advised people to maintain personal hygiene and healthy lifestyle not to contract the virus infection.

Now, a video that shows a group of young Muslim men licking spoons and plates used by others has started doing the rounds on social media. They are seen licking every spoon, applying saliva on plates and even on the backside of them. It is being widely shared by netizens claiming that these men are doing this to intentionally spread the Coronavirus infection.

Screenshots from an old video of young Muslim men belonging to Bohra community
Screenshots from an old video of young Muslim men belonging to Bohra community Vimeo/Screenshot

Meanwhile, many others are sharing it stating that the incident happened in Nizamuddin in India, where at least 7,600 Indians and 1,300 foreigners have been identified to have attended a religious congregation the previous month. After attending the event, several preachers of the Islamic missionary movement Tablighi Jamaat were tested positive for COVID-19.

Hoax busted

The video is not fake, but the message shared with it is misleading and not associated with the latest Coronavirus pandemic. Though we are not sure where exactly this incident happened, it is an old video of young men belonging to the Bohra Community, a branch of Shia Islam following their 'zero-wastage policy'. It is understood that as per their culture and tradition, they lick their plates and cutleries after eating the meals so that not a single food grain is wasted.

The video was uploaded by a user named Asghar Vasanwala on Vimeo back in July 2018 clearly indicating that it is unrelated to the latest pandemic that emerged from Wuhan, China in December 2019. Therefore, it is clear that someone started spreading this video now in an attempt to defame all people belonging to the Muslim community.