Arizona Transportation Dept releases image of strange UFO; Is alien disclosure near?


Conspiracy theorists all over the world strongly believe that alien disclosure is happening, slowly but steadily. According to these theorists, Pentagon's revelation of conducting a secret UFO probe in December 2017 is an indirect admission of alien life. Adding heat to these theorists' claims, the Arizona Department of Transportation has released an eerie image of a strange UFO over Phoenix on their Facebook page.

"Midnight musing: Is this the return of the Phoenix light(s)? We've been watching this light dive and swoop over Phoenix, just west of I-17 near Durango, for the past several minutes," captioned the department of transportation.

The image soon went viral, and people started claiming that the object featured might be actually an alien UFO from deep space. Some people argued that governments are creating these unidentified flying objects for triggering fake invasions so that the new world order can be established easily.

"Be careful, governments are now able to create fake UFO's, they will use this for fake invasions eventually to bring more fear to people on earth," commented Robert Whitwell, a Facebook user.

However, skeptics claim that the object spotted in the video may be a drone.

"People have drones, drones are everywhere anymore, could just have light on it for some reason, Amazon has been experimenting with drone delivery, Amazon main facility is out that way isn't it?," commented Liam Alepta, another Facebook user.

The image was later shared by conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Secureteam10'. Calling the object a 'strange blue orb', the narrator of Secureteam10 added that many mysterious things are happening in the skies on a daily basis. Within 24 hours, this video released by the conspiracy theory channel has already attracted more than 350,000 views.

In the same video, 'Secureteam10' released more sensational clips including a bright flying object spotted by a car driver in Poland. Interestingly, the object spotted in the video remained intact in the skies for more than two minutes before vanishing into thin air.